Types of Meringue

Meringue is a sweetened egg white foam that can be shaped into cups to hold fruit or mousse or made into a golden crown on Baked Alaska.

Depending on the amount of sugar beaten into the egg…

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Vanilla Glaze Recipe

Add a sweet finishing touch to coffee cakes, sweet rolls and many other breads with a flavorful Vanilla Glaze. Follow this easy recipe:

For 1/2 cup glaze, combine 1 cup confectioners' sugar…

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Versatile Cobbler

To make a cobbler fit any occasion, use seasonal cookie cutters to cut sheets of puff pastry dough. Arrange the cutouts over the fruit mixture, brush with butter, sprinkle with sugar, and bake…

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What is a Pudding Cake?

Pudding cakes offer two treats in one. While baking, the cake portion rises to the top and a creamy pudding-like sauce forms on the bottom.

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