Cooking for 2

Mini Pizzas

My daughter and I love making individual mini pizzas with English muffins, pasta sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. When I buy a jar of sauce, I place 1 tablespoon in each compartment of an ice…

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Roast for Two

Even though I cook for only two, I like to make a beef or pork roast or a whole turkey or chicken for my husband and me. There are plenty of leftovers to use in other ways or to freeze for another…

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Stuffing Muffins

A package of stuffing goes a long way when I make it if I’m cooking for one. I add onions, celery and chicken broth to the mix, then bake the stuffing in muffin tins. That way, I can freeze the…

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Vegetables on Hand

When I buy fresh carrots, celery and onions, I chop them up, use what I need and then freeze the rest in small amounts. That way, I always have vegetables on hand for when I want to make stews,…

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