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Brining a Turkey

I would like to try brining a turkey but have heard that only all-natural turkeys can be used. What type of turkey should I look for? —S.R., Charleston, South Carolina

When choosing a…

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Broasted Chicken

During some of our travels, we've had broasted chicken. It was delicious. It tasted like fried chicken, but there was no grease and it was so tender! My question is—how is broasted chicken…

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Bundt Cake

Can I bake a bundt cake in an angel food cake pan with a removable bottom? —M.J., Spokane, Washington

Yes, indeed, as long as the cake batter fills the pan about two-thirds full. To…

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Butter Alternative

I rarely have butter in the house. Can you tell me what will happen if I use margarine in a recipe that calls for butter? Thanks for your help! —M.H., New Castle, Pennsylvania

Our Test…

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Butter and Shortening

When a recipe calls for both margarine and shortening, why can't I use just one or the other? —L.P., Arvada, Colorado

Butter, margarine and shortening all have different properties…

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Buttermilk Substitute

When a recipe calls for buttermilk, can I add vinegar or lemon juice to milk as a substitute? —A.C., New York, New York

There are a number of substitutes for buttermilk in baking. For…

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Cajun Seasoning

Where can I buy Cajun seasoning? I have looked in a couple of grocery stores and can't seem to find it. —K.J., Port Clinton, Ohio

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Cake Beating

When trying a new cake recipe and it doesn't specify "beat well" or "beat just until blended," which is the best method to use? —F.P., Newark, New York

As a general rule, cake…

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Cake Flour

What's the difference between cake flour and all-purpose flour? —V.K., Algonquin, Illinois

Cake flour is used in recipes where a fine, tender crumb is desired, such as in a layer cake.…

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Cake Instructions

The directions for making cakes often instruct you to alternate adding the dry ingredients with the liquid. How many times should you alternate for the best outcome? Thanks! —M.S., Puyallup,…

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