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Toasted Nuts

Why do recipes call for toasted nuts? And how do I toast them? —M.R., Oak Forest, Illinois

Nuts are naturally high in fat. Toasting them intensifies the flavor so much that you can…

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Toasted Oats

What is the process for toasting oats? —M.W., Berlin, Maryland

Toasting oats (either the old-fashioned or quick-cooking variety) gives them a pretty brown color and crispy texture and…

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Unsalted Butter

I have recently seen more and more recipes that call for unsalted butter. If I don't happen to have any on hand, is that going to make a difference in the taste or consistency of the dish?…

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Unsweetened Apple Juice

Some recipes call for unsweetened apple juice. But at my grocery store, I cannot find a product with a label that says that. Can I just use regular apple juice? —R.L., Minooka,…

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Using Egg Substitute

Please tell me when egg substitute can be used instead of eggs in recipes. —M.C., McAllen, Texas

People who are watching their cholesterol often prefer to use egg substitute instead of…

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Vitamin C

I always thought that vitamin C blocked calcium absorption, yet I see calcium-fortified orange juice at my grocery store regularly. Is it okay to take calcium with orange juice? —J.L,…

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Wheat Flour

Can whole wheat flour be successfully substituted for white flour in recipes—especially in recipes for pizza crust, biscuits, pancakes or waffles? Most recipes I've seen call for whole wheat…

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Whipped Topping

Why is it that whipped topping in a tub can be labeled "fat free" when it contains hydrogenated palm oil? Is this topping worse for your health than whipped cream or the kind that comes in an…

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Wonton Wrappers

One of my favorite recipes calls for stuffing wonton wrappers with a crab mixture and frying them in oil. Are there any alternatives to making these wonderful treats without having to deep-fat fry…

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