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Rice vs. Orzo

My husband and I don't care for rice and have been substituting orzo, a rice-shaped pasta. What is the difference between rice and orzo in terms of fat, sugar and carbohydrates? —C.M.,…

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Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

Can you tell me the difference between ricotta cheese and cottage cheese? And can they be used interchangeably? —L.C., Beaubier, Saskatchewan

When a cheese maker separates milk or…

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Rinsing Browned Ground Beef

I drain and rinse ground beef after cooking to eliminate some fat and calories, but I'm not sure how much is rinsed away. Is 80% lean beef (drained and rinsed) as lean as 95% lean beef?…

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Salt Solution

What is the difference between plain and iodized salt, kosher and sea salt? And which is better to use when you are watching your salt intake? —M.C., Brookings, Oregon

Salt is an…

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Smoked Turkey

I've heard that smoked turkey contains a lot of sodium. I am supposed to be watching my sodium intake. I smoke several turkeys every year, using mesquite chips. If I don’t add any additional salt,…

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Sources of Protein

My doctor says I need to add more protein to my diet. What are the best sources for protein that are low in calories and fat? —M.W., Springfield, Missouri

Excellent sources of lean…

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Soy Flour

I have started replacing all-purpose flour with soy flour when coating chicken. I would like to try adding some soy flour when baking. Do I need to add more leavening? Is there anything else I…

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Soy Products

I'd like some basic information on soy products and how to include them in my diet. —E.F., Hobbs, New Mexico

Soybeans are made into many food products, and soybean products can be good…

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Stir-Fry Substitute

My daughter loves Chinese food but is allergic to corn. Every stir-fry recipe I see calls for cornstarch as a thickener. Is it okay to substitute arrowroot for the cornstarch, and if so, in what…

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Sugar Substitutes

I'd like to know if Sweet 'N Low or other sugar substitutes can be used in recipes instead of sugar. —E.K., Claxton, Georgia

Not only does sugar impart sweet flavor to foods, but it…

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