7 Mistakes People Make While Cooking Bacon

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Bacon is delicious—but not when it's underdone or way too crispy. We're here to help you master it!

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Choosing the Wrong Bacon

There are tons of bacon brands to choose from. Look for bacon that's evenly sliced so it'll cook up right.


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Buying Too Much

If you’re making bacon for one or two people—why not pick up a half-dozen slices at the butcher instead of a whole package?


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Frying Without Precautions

Be sure to turn on your range hood to help vent any smoke. Also protect yourself from grease spatters with gadgets like a mesh screen.


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Not Cooking  It Ahead

Include bacon in your meal prep, then pop pre-cooked slices in the microwave for 10-15 seconds in the morning.


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Using Only  Your Stovetop

If you’re cooking up a big batch, try baking it instead! It's simple, hands-off and super convenient.


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Starting with  Cold Bacon

In order for the meat and fat in your bacon to cook evenly, they have to be at the same temperature. Let it sit at room temp for 15 minutes.


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Crowding the Pan

When you crowd the bacon, it will leave you with a mess of tangled strips of floppy bacon instead of the perfectly crisp strips you know and deserve.


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