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Sugar Cookies Recipe

Sugar Cookies Recipe

This sugar cookie dates back to a Swedish woman born in 1877! Her daughter, Esther Davis, shared the recipe with me and she came up with all the exact measurements, since the original cookies were mixed by feel and taste. These are my favorite cookies and I hope they'll become yours as well. —Helen Wallis, Vancouver, Washington
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 30 min. Bake: 10 min./batch YIELD:60 servings


  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup shortening
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • Additional sugar


  • 1. Preheat oven to 350°. Cream butter, shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla. In another bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and baking soda; gradually beat into creamed mixture.
  • 2. Shape into 1-in. balls. Roll in additional sugar. Place on greased baking sheets; flatten with a glass. Bake until set, 10-12 minutes. Remove to wire racks to cool. Yield: 5 dozen.

Recipe Note

If Cooking for Two: Freeze baked cookies in airtight containers or freezer bags to enjoy anytime!

Reviews for Sugar Cookies

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R. S. User ID: 9230933 270340
Reviewed Aug. 4, 2017

"1) be sure to add 1/2 teaspoon salt if you use unsalted butter.

2) IF the recipe makes 60 servings, and IF each serving costs $.15, the ingredients would cost $9.00......"

ChrisD1717 User ID: 8325994 270043
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2017

"First of all, thank you so much for an easy...easy sugar cookie recipe. I love to bake but I am, well no other word for it LAZY! When I was younger it was a challenge, now not so much. No rolling, cutting out or decorating...Yeah! These were delicious. Thanks again from the LAZY baker..LOL."

Gayle User ID: 9228215 269988
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2017

"My grandson and I made these delicious cookies today--very easy and he said "yummy." We got 38 cookies, not 60, but who cares? We will make a double batch next time if we want more cookies. We loved the texture and taste. We will definitely make these again."

Terry User ID: 9088455 269945
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2017

"Tasty treat! Family loves them"

Robin Sherry User ID: 2901557 269923
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2017

"When I make them I will use lard."

Cruella747 User ID: 4684922 269889
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2017

"To those of you bashing this recipe because it calls for shortening, there is a reason for it. I split my cookie recipes a lot! Again, there is a reason for it!

This is such a good recipe!"

AndersGran User ID: 8326757 269886
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2017

"I haven't made these yet but I wouldn't use shortening for sugar cookies. It should be all butter as far as I'm concerned. But the rest of the ingredients are fine."

cathybuxy User ID: 449274 269867
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2017

"These cookies are wonderful. Very light and delicate. I made these several times and usually get 5-6 dozen cookies each time. They don't last long!"

lisahansen917 User ID: 8694670 269862
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2017

"Yes, shortening is Crisco. I use the butter flavored one for baking."

Tgene52 User ID: 8655909 269858
Reviewed Jul. 23, 2017

"When it says shortening, does it mean like crisco??"

lake7093 User ID: 8500932 263594
Reviewed Mar. 18, 2017

"This is one of my favorite recipes. Love these cookies, except they do not make as many as they say. Wonderful !"

Terri User ID: 9078586 261266
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2017

"I must have missed something, We have had 3 restaurants and a catering business since the 80's. These are the WORST sugar cookies I have ever eaten. The second batch I put another batch of sugar in and they were edible , but certainly NOT the best I've had or even tasty. I have NEVER written a review before, and I am not sure what happened , I have checked and double checked the ingredients , I'm baffled, but we won't be trying again. I love my recipe , just like to try new, oh well a BIG MISS for this."

Jill User ID: 8986310 258177
Reviewed Dec. 15, 2016

"I made these in 2011 with my then 2 1/2 year old grandson who was exhausted from the long walk we took. I kept talking about making the sugar cookies when we got home and he was excited about it. By the time we got home he was tired and he said "grandma you bake, I eat!" So bake I did and eat he did-I had to tell him that he had had enough for now and would have to wait until tomorrow after lunch to eat the rest. He almost cried and said "But grandma these are the best cookies I ever had!" His mother agreed. They have been a staple Christmas cookie since then and he still loves to eat them! I wish I could give this recipe 10 stars!"

Debbie User ID: 8973786 257151
Reviewed Nov. 23, 2016

"This is a wonderful recipe and now one of my favorite cookies. Thanks for sharing!!"

Philip User ID: 8972304 257063
Reviewed Nov. 21, 2016

"This recipe is superlative and does not require milk or buttermilk."

Bonnie User ID: 8969301 256858
Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

"These are a good sugar cookie, very basic. Couple of things I found while making these for the first time that may help others that reviewed. I used a small cookie scoop and got 52 cookies. One person commented on not letting them brown. Browning the edges brings more flavor to a cookie made with butter. The solution is to use parchment paper, the cookies just slide right off. Honestly, I thought they left the inside of my mouth with a greasy film after taste testing. No matter, the hubby will love them."

ko55ko User ID: 7768563 256535
Reviewed Nov. 8, 2016

"The recipe made around 70 cookies -- I stuck really close to the 1" scoop. The first and last batches were the best.... don't let them get the least bit brown or they tend to break when you get them off the pan. (they are quite delicate) Slightly under-baking them left them a tad bit moister and they didn't crack like the ones that got a little browner. The flavor is amazing. Texture is a little like a shortbread cookie....honestly melts in your mouth. I will use my old recipe though for Christmas sugar cookies which we like to cut out. These will be in addition to all the other traditional Christmas cookies. Definitely a five-star taste."

Tracy User ID: 8956190 255560
Reviewed Oct. 17, 2016

"Wonderful cookie!! I followed the recipe and they turned out perfect!!!! Definitely is a keeper, and husband approved!! Made 35 cookies."

onemore4gsus User ID: 5566250 255146
Reviewed Oct. 8, 2016

"One star short because although the cookies are delectable, the recipe DOES NOT MAKE 60 cookies. It made three dozen plus two. That's a pretty significant difference. Someone should change the recipe page to reflect it."

mkaskela User ID: 6061564 243778
Reviewed Feb. 14, 2016


nhersch User ID: 5467560 242361
Reviewed Jan. 23, 2016

"easy to make. 1 inch balls are small but what's needed because they do spread a little. Plenty sweet. I added some of the decorative sugar crystals to tops and tapped into tops. Also used some colored sugars. Crunchy. Love them"

JessicaLott User ID: 6189151 239535
Reviewed Dec. 16, 2015

"Very very easy. Cooked for about a minute less than recommended. Came out soft and delicious. I squashed them to about 1/2 an inch each."

Lady Fingers User ID: 2682286 239443
Reviewed Dec. 14, 2015

"Wonderful recipe. I used coconut oil for the shortening, and otherwise followed the recipe as written. They came out perfect."

MsBrenlovetocook User ID: 7300687 233444
Reviewed Sep. 25, 2015

"The cookies were great, I'll be making them, Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe."

Lilsnowbean User ID: 8545771 233192
Reviewed Sep. 20, 2015

"Great recipe! I used lemon extract instead of vanilla. Wonderful flavor!!"

1happyGigi User ID: 8544732 233112
Reviewed Sep. 18, 2015

"Just made a batch of these for the first time and I LOVE them!!! I think they're a lot like a delicate shortbread cookie. Not for rolling out and using a cookie cutter. I did sprinkle half the cookies with extra sugar for more sweetness and those are more like a sugar cookie taste. I used a tablespoon measuring spoon for a scoop and got about 2 dozen. I will definitely make these again."

dehlin30 User ID: 8538109 232972
Reviewed Sep. 15, 2015

"I made these cookies with a GF flour and they turned out great."

wenebara User ID: 2800016 232966
Reviewed Sep. 15, 2015

"Very disappointed with this recipe! I've been baking for over 40 years. Cookies were not sweet enough and turned out crumbly looking after baking. I made these for a club meeting at school, but I will not bring these cookies. I'll stop by the store in the morning to pick up something to bring to the meeting."

kmotcheck User ID: 7654334 229398
Reviewed Jul. 11, 2015

"I just made these and they not only turned out great, but they made the 5 dozen that everyone is complaining it does not make. You have to follow the directions and actually make 1in balls, 1 in is pretty therefore the cookies are smaller than normal drop cookies. Favorite sugar cookie recipe for sure! Like I said, follow the instructions and you will get your 5 dozen...but if you like your cookies bigger, you will only get 3 dozen or so. Either way, flavor and texture are fantastic!"

Baskitmum1 User ID: 1889876 228900
Reviewed Jul. 3, 2015

"Loved these. Very addicting flavor. However, I only got 24 using my medium P.Chef cookie scoop. I gently used the palm of my hand to press them down slightly. They came out awesome."

theboysinironwood User ID: 410523 228520
Reviewed Jun. 25, 2015

"This will be my go to sugar cookie. Can't wait to start playing around with it."

bakerrod User ID: 8424228 228378
Reviewed Jun. 22, 2015

"too greasy , use 1 cup butter instead and shine shortening"

Belangeraa User ID: 8420711 228165
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2015

"I love these!!! They remind me of being a kid. however if you're looking for five dozen cookies this recipe only made about thirty"

MeiLizLewis User ID: 8382933 226644
Reviewed May. 20, 2015

"I liked this recipe. I made a review on my blog!"

puzzlemad User ID: 3329799 223418
Reviewed Mar. 23, 2015

"These are good but not the soft sugar cookie I'm looking for. I did remove them from the oven at 9 minutes and they were slightly crunchy on the outside and somewhat chewy on the inside. I also got 55 good sized cookies."

toubin5 User ID: 8303356 223303
Reviewed Mar. 22, 2015

"awesome dish...."

kjeggert User ID: 8294768 222931
Reviewed Mar. 16, 2015

"The recipe is easy and delicious, but there is NO WAY it makes 60 cookies. My daughter used a ruler to make 1" balls, and they were small. If she had made them any smaller, they would be thumbprint cookies. I would always double the recipe from now on...."

gianna06luca08 User ID: 8264009 220777
Reviewed Feb. 18, 2015

"they were great!!!! i can not wait until my family can make them again."

mamaknowsbest User ID: 5826120 220530
Reviewed Feb. 15, 2015

"These cookies taste great! As a Taste of Home volunteer food editor, I am always trying different versions of classic cookies. easy to assemble. Our dough was too soft to roll. So simply scooped and gently tossed in colored sprinkles for valentines. Baked perfect!"

Lovinoven2015 User ID: 8249309 220004
Reviewed Feb. 8, 2015

"If you love sugar cookies, look no further. These are the best! My family loves them."

cougsrusfnp User ID: 5001278 219174
Reviewed Jan. 29, 2015

"So good, so easy to make!!!"

Deanna Watkins User ID: 2392494 216135
Reviewed Dec. 27, 2014

"I was looking for a good sugar cookie recipe, and I've found it! I thought it was great and so did my family! I did only get 3 dozen using a cookie scoop."

ginger118 User ID: 8179084 215711
Reviewed Dec. 23, 2014

"My 7 year old daughter and I are making Christmas cookies today and chose these to make, rolling them in colored sprinkles. They turned out wonderful! We followed the recipe exactly (until we used the sprinkles, that is), but must have made them larger as we only came up with 3 dozen cookies. They are not really large cookies, so to come out with 5 dozen, they would have to be really small. The cook time was still fine for our larger cookies, and they will definitely be enjoyed!"

2dye4 User ID: 7327836 215561
Reviewed Dec. 21, 2014

"It's a keeper! The perfect amount of sweet and nice texture. My kids love them."

janiesflowerhut User ID: 7552873 214588
Reviewed Dec. 11, 2014

"I have made a lot of Sugar cookies over the years and have to say this is the best ever! If you make 1" balls as stated you will get 5 dozen 2" cookies...perfect size to add to gift baskets. Also if you have problems with the cookie spreading too much, don't push down much on the glass...just enough to take away the ball look but leave it thicker....bakes up very nice."

alkrueg User ID: 4629050 214259
Reviewed Dec. 7, 2014

"Very nice dough and easy to roll into balls because it isn't sticky. I dropped red food coloring and mixed it in the sugar and also a section of green amd let them mix a little. It made it very festive and not just plain white. All of them looked a little different. It creates a lovely light crisp on the edges and chewy center when they are not. Now I just have to try them after they've cooled. This might be that go to cookie I've been looking for."

dplagemann User ID: 8137956 213905
Reviewed Dec. 3, 2014

"This is by far the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever used! My daughter is not normally a big fan of cookies but she LOVED these as much as the rest of my family did. Thank you for the great recipe!"

Sara Morgan User ID: 1093345 42697
Reviewed Dec. 1, 2014

"Can't wait to try these, they sound wonderful!"

Sylatha User ID: 7781258 39754
Reviewed Nov. 9, 2014

"My daughters made these today and they were AWESOME! A BIG hit in our house!"

joniotto User ID: 1827180 15438
Reviewed Sep. 13, 2014

"This is my favorite, go-to sugar cookie recipe. The cookies are soft and delicious. I like to glaze them with a simple confectioners sugar glaze - they don't need it because they are delicious as is - but it's nice to add the extra pop of color with the glaze. Great recipe!"

kenikila User ID: 7576780 11879
Reviewed Aug. 24, 2014

"One word: fabulous!"

zehner User ID: 6472513 33919
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2014

"OH! So good, buttery & sweet."

minnesotaquilter User ID: 2892771 15436
Reviewed Jul. 24, 2014

"Extremely good and easy! The only thing I changed, was to use almond extract in place of the vanilla extract. Awesome!"

katecrid47 User ID: 7098019 17516
Reviewed Jul. 7, 2014

"This recipe was easy and great. My daughter made them over the weekend. They were gobbled right up!"

pcinant User ID: 3231537 37602
Reviewed Apr. 18, 2014

"These were fantastic. I did not change anything in the recipe. The are soft and have a great taste. I did put them in the fridge for 30 mins then rolled them out and used cookie cutters.. I will be keeping this recipe."

MrsRunning User ID: 7686952 44098
Reviewed Feb. 24, 2014

"Wonderful ! I did use coconut oil instead of shortening and flavor was great:) , I rolled and cut with cookie cutter and frosted with a light powdered sugar icing!"

dkland1980 User ID: 7686370 13722
Reviewed Feb. 23, 2014

"These are so good. To keep shape freeze dough for 30 min then cut into shapes. I also added 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1/4 more cup of sugar, and only 2 cups of flour sifted. I roll them in powdered sugar to not have chalky taste. I I baked at 325 till the bottom is brown not the top so that's about 10- 12 mins. t's a KEEPER!!!"

jdoepel User ID: 1893886 17477
Reviewed Feb. 5, 2014

"Wow! Just the type of cookie recipe I was looking for. Delish! And very easy to make. Wouldn't change a thing. Many thanks for posting!"

LadyMerlin User ID: 7246803 17062
Reviewed Jan. 24, 2014

"Great basic sugar cookie! I needed some extra brightness in my day, so I rolled them in pink and purple sugar. Even though my husband complained about them being so girly, it didn't stop him from devouring them."

MoniqueGal User ID: 7558653 17514
Reviewed Dec. 26, 2013

"The recipe was so easy to make. My kids just loved these cookies. Will make them again soon."

Lots of Love User ID: 5796030 41222
Reviewed Dec. 24, 2013

"Excellent sugar cookie!!! I am making some for gifts today!!!!"

kthf User ID: 7522811 43998
Reviewed Dec. 22, 2013

"I added 1/2 tsp. salt to the recipe."

mrs._white User ID: 7182927 33516
Reviewed Dec. 8, 2013

"Good basic sugar cookie recipe."

jeng72 User ID: 7430847 41221
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2013

"This recipe was easy to make. I substituted coconut oil for the shortening for healthier cookies and tasted great."

Doeye User ID: 3555196 70706
Reviewed Oct. 2, 2013

"Made these last night - perfect, perfect sugar cookie! Didn't change a thing - made as directed. They were even better this morning with a cup of coffee. They melt in your mouth! Thanks for sharing - these are the best!"

MzExpeess User ID: 3236415 201799
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2013

"Simple and delicious cookie recipe. I used margarine in place of the shortening. Be sure to make small balls, they expand quite a bit. This is a keeper!"

MzExpeess User ID: 3236415 16570
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2013

"Simple and very yummy recipe. Make the balls small because they really grow while baking. I topped them with glaze and candy sprinkles for a birthday party...they didn't last long."

tigerzeschy User ID: 4257444 11878
Reviewed May. 30, 2013

"The boys loved them and so did I. We used cookie cutters and made some with the glass. Can't wait to eat more!"

CraZpic2 User ID: 7005999 43996
Reviewed Mar. 20, 2013

"Really loved these cookies! The only thing I am thinking about changing the next time I make them is to cut back the flour 2 cups and increase the sugar by 1/4 cup. I have a crazy sweet tooth......"

ly87 User ID: 7137885 13714
Reviewed Feb. 15, 2013


Babsy_Boop User ID: 6209926 39753
Reviewed Feb. 14, 2013

"So easy and wonderful taste! Thanks"

Sparky1_1 User ID: 7132199 16568
Reviewed Feb. 10, 2013

"So I followed the whole thing correctly, And guess what? My cookies came out like ugly flat pancakes. They wouldn't hold together at all. Don't know what everyone here's talking about. I'd advise everyone to stay far away from this recipe as possible. I'm really upset."

dianacristina User ID: 7084911 41832
Reviewed Jan. 13, 2013

"yummy cookies ;) my kids loved them!"

LisaMGatchek User ID: 6510153 42677
Reviewed Jan. 3, 2013

"i love sugar cookies, i don't like the roll and cut out ones. this recipe is the best. the cookies are sweet and crispy just the way i like them. i been using this recipes for years. everyone i make them for loves them."

kitchenmouseof5 User ID: 3358765 13713
Reviewed Dec. 22, 2012

"Very good and soft. I separated the dough into separate bowls and added different colored food color. The kids loved them."

anchortown68 User ID: 2250136 42671
Reviewed Dec. 8, 2012 Edited Feb. 18, 2016

"easy to make. I made it with my two girls ages 11 and 4. We decided to use Christmas cookie cutters and decorate them. Yummy!"

Kingstonian User ID: 1015068 41217
Reviewed Dec. 8, 2012

"Excellent, but they will spread out. Great flavour"

cookinNC User ID: 4119721 39752
Reviewed Nov. 27, 2012

"I've made these a few times in the last year! Delicious! I often cook them without flattening them with a glass first, and they come out soft and yummy!"

Ana10 User ID: 6930623 15434
Reviewed Oct. 20, 2012

"Very crisp cookie and very tasty. I left it a bit longer 13-15 minutes. Also, I had to quickly put them on the rack otherwise they would stick to the sheet even after greasing it thoroughly. Will definitely do it again. Thank you ! :)"

April Ryan User ID: 6792600 43984
Reviewed Oct. 17, 2012

"I've made these cookies once a week for the last 2 months. They are my husband's favorite!! He even gave up his favorite store bought, processed cookies for them. I have made this recipe exactly as stated and with 1 cup of butter, leaving out the shortening. We definitely like it with just butter more. It gives them more flavor and they're moister."

ms. baking unruh User ID: 6825934 70705
Reviewed Aug. 20, 2012

"sorry didn't star it couldn't see stars ..."

ms. baking unruh User ID: 6825934 17467
Reviewed Aug. 20, 2012

"yummy good i use one tsp salt and doubled receipe sooo am making frosting to take to a friend in a home in williamston.."

erinvh User ID: 6555371 70704
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2012

"I usually am not a big fan of sugar cookies because of the lemon flavor. These were great with vanilla! I did not have any shortening so I used a cup of butter and they turned out great."

Waterkrystal User ID: 6733084 17460
Reviewed Aug. 3, 2012

"Keep an eye on the time if you don't like hard cookies, 10 might be too long. Excellent flavor."

alleykat595 User ID: 2547995 43970
Reviewed May. 13, 2012

"I substitute lemon juice for the vanilla and added the zest of a whole lemon. They were a huge hit with my friends and family!!!"

DCHeilman User ID: 6136732 201798
Reviewed May. 2, 2012

"OK...I made a quick batch yesterday and they are addictive- I am sending them into work with my husband to support my weakening will power!"

gail de rosa User ID: 5392275 15433
Reviewed Mar. 30, 2012

"these are the best sugar cookies i have tasted"

Pat4boys User ID: 5798478 39751
Reviewed Mar. 13, 2012

"My family loved these cookies! easy and fast!"

amymcm User ID: 4873719 16567
Reviewed Feb. 13, 2012

"These cookies were so easy to make and they are delicious!"

karen curnes User ID: 3182416 13696
Reviewed Jan. 4, 2012

"These cookies are so good. I made them for the holidays and they did not last long."

juliekeeley User ID: 5542341 16565
Reviewed Dec. 20, 2011

"This is by far the best sugar cookie recipe I've tried. My husband doesn't usually care for sugar cookies, but can't seem to get enough of these. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! We will be making these for years to come."

ekatiakarpova User ID: 6312133 11877
Reviewed Dec. 17, 2011

"Easly and very tasty!"

nancylikesfood User ID: 6338210 33513
Reviewed Nov. 11, 2011

"It was very easy to make and very sweet to eat. The perfect recipe if you want something tasty, sweet, and simple, yet crowd pleasing. :)"

stoffoli User ID: 5889704 39721
Reviewed Oct. 27, 2011

"I finally found a sugar cookie recipe that I like! This one is a keeper :)"

mrsb1218 User ID: 4192408 17058
Reviewed Oct. 4, 2011

"I just made this recipe when my friend received bad news - there is nothing like a good cookie to turn a frown upside down!"

Twodisneyfans User ID: 5579393 17056
Reviewed Sep. 9, 2011

"easy recipe - tastes really good, too! I was worried it would be too sticky to form into balls, but it was just fine!"

Mrs. NicoleM User ID: 5325680 11876
Reviewed Mar. 23, 2011

"I used all shortening. Came out perfect! They disappeared fast."

heyitswong User ID: 5210234 42670
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2011

"It's simply and delicious!"

xprincess User ID: 1756019 17458
Reviewed Feb. 12, 2011

"These are terrific cookies:) I doubled the recipe, rolled them in red & pink sugars for Valentine's day. My husband gave them his "thumbs up" stamp of approval, he's taking them to work on Monday for the shop to enjoy!"

linda2200 User ID: 4079223 33506
Reviewed Dec. 30, 2010 Edited Feb. 18, 2016

"The best ever sugar cookies!"

cinsully User ID: 81291 15432
Reviewed Dec. 24, 2010

"These were very easy to make and tasty. I used colored sugar to coat the cookies and they looked very festive."

LexaK69 User ID: 5649238 17054
Reviewed Dec. 13, 2010

"Do these cookies freeze well?"

sylvia_moss User ID: 4270982 17053
Reviewed Nov. 30, 2010

"These are the best sugar cookies I have ever made! I love how you do not have to refrigerate the dough."

Mel Wellman User ID: 5558723 41212
Reviewed Nov. 29, 2010

"I have been looking for this recipe. I used to make this growing up. We called them "Swedish Sugar Cookies". They are so wonderful!! They are wonderful with a big glass o cold milk to dunk them in."

MSMurphy User ID: 5090041 37601
Reviewed Nov. 8, 2010

"I made these today and they are excellent! I used the middle size scoop from Pampered Chef and then pressed them with a glass dipped in sugar. This made 24 3 inch cookies. I can't imagine how someone got 5 dz."

maggieaw User ID: 4163584 17455
Reviewed Sep. 29, 2010

"So good, nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I used an "opal" sanding sugar= beautiful, simple and delicious. I agree with an earlier rating that this recipe makes about 3 dozen not the five. (I used an exact 1 inch cookie baller) so I dont think I made them too large. Enjoyable I'll be making them often."

cindifoster User ID: 3647696 33450
Reviewed Aug. 26, 2010

"Roll in colored sugar to match the party, or add a few sprinkles to the top before flattening with a glass. Super easy and delicious recipe."

lsal86 User ID: 5361202 13679
Reviewed Aug. 23, 2010

"my favorite cookie yet! So delicious, its a def must-try!"

mspackman2 User ID: 1981993 43969
Reviewed Jul. 29, 2010

"These wonderfully soft tasty sugar cookies are very simple! My 12 year old daughter made them for her 4H project and they turned out beautifully!"

workinmomTX User ID: 742853 17453
Reviewed Jul. 19, 2010

"O love sugar cookies and I have been looking for a good recipe for awhile now. These are delicious! They have just the right crispiness on the outside and soft inside. Rolling them in colored sugar for the holidays would make them perfect for cookie trays and gifts.This is a keeper."

kdc-perez07 User ID: 2121276 17476
Reviewed May. 31, 2010

"Love these! Finally, a simple sugar cookie recipe that only requires ingredients I always have on hand in my kitchen. I love that I don't have to refridgerate the dough or roll it out. These are simple, but good."

vickiinmyhead User ID: 4430390 70703
Reviewed May. 2, 2010

"I loved this recipe!! 1 cup of butter instead of the 1/2 of shortening and they tasted so great. I also rolled the dough in sugar and cinnamon to make snickerdoodles. I am making them again today bc they went soo fast. Thanks!"

patriciagoss User ID: 5003195 41831
Reviewed Apr. 13, 2010

"My daughter loves to make these cookies! It's a kid friendly recipe."

Monarchsmomma User ID: 1811632 41210
Reviewed Mar. 17, 2010

"These cookies turned out so nice! I used bright green sugar to roll them in for Saint Patricks day. Perfect. Thanks for sharing."

weather_girl User ID: 4763655 15430
Reviewed Feb. 17, 2010

"These cookies were great! I'm definitely going to start making these more often."

SoccerShadoe User ID: 4604929 39718
Reviewed Dec. 1, 2009

"Great cookie just make one batch at a time. Doesn't work out as good making multiple batches at once."

ddorotik User ID: 4560682 42669
Reviewed Nov. 23, 2009

"I substituted margarine for shortening, and they came out fine. They are light and yummy! Not sure what the other 2 posts mean about cut out, mine came out as pictured using the roll and flatten method as described. My boys love them!"

harveysangel04 User ID: 4328313 17452
Reviewed Nov. 17, 2009

"These have to be the best sugar cookies ever! I disagree with how much this makes because I get nowhere near 5.5 dozen. I get approximately 3 (a little over). Thanks for this great recipe ;)"

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