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The Best Fast-Food Fries

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Ready to stop for a quick bite? This list will help you figure out exactly where to find the best fast-food fries.


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10. McDonald's

They're different than they used to be. The fries were thin, pale and not very crisp.

Bottom line: We are ready for them to bring back the original recipe.

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9. Five Guys

These were the most expensive. They had a fresh-cut potato taste, but lacked crispness.

Bottom line: Fresh, but hoping for a fry with more crisp.

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8. Culver's 

They offer an option for “fry sauce,” which is a tangy mayo-ketchup mix.

Bottom line: They were tasty but didn't stand out.

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7. Chick-fil-A

If you prefer waffle fries, then this might be your favorite, plus they have lots of sauces!

Bottom line: Head to Chick-fil-A if you love waffle fries.

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6. Popeyes

These fries that are tossed in a bold Cajun seasoning, and you get quite a lot!

Bottom line: If you like spicy fries, these are delicious!

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5. Shake Shack

These are a deep crinkle-cut fry with a great texture, and are served in a box!

Bottom line: If you do order these, don’t forget the cheese sauce.

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4. KFC 

We loved the texture, and the seasoning is said to use the same 11 secret herbs and spices that are in the fried chicken.

Bottom line: The texture and seasoning make these a strong contender.

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3. Portillo's

These were perfectly crisp, fresh-tasting crinkle cut fries to pair with a Chicago-style dog.

Bottom line: If you live near a Portillo’s, it’s definitely worth a stop.

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2. Burger King

These fries were superior on all levels. They were a thick cut, perfectly golden and crisp.

Bottom line: These french fries are a must-order.

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The fries were crisped to perfection and perfectly salted, with little bits of potato skin on the ends!

Bottom line: These take the number-one spot, and pair oh so well with a frosty!

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