7 Jackfruit Recipes

  (that are all meatless!)

Unparalleled in its ability to mimic the texture of meat, jackfruit is the plant-based "meat" you didn't know existed. Check out our favorite jackfruit recipes from across the web.


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Vegetarian Bao Buns with Pulled Jackfruit Filling

Made from a simple yeast dough, these fluffy steamed bao from Cook’s Hideout are  a popular street food.

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Sri Lankan Jackfruit Curry

This curry from The Flavor Bender is vegan and gluten-free! It goes great with a side of cilantro-lime rice.

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Jackfruit Pot Roast

Cooked, unripe jackfruit has a meaty texture, making this roast from Food with Feeling a cozy option for everyone.

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Slow-Cooker Jackfruit Stew 

Celery root, which is a great high-fiber swap for potatoes, rounds out this easy recipe by The Toasted Pine Nut.

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Chicken-Fried Jackfruit  

Missing fried chicken? Try this meatless version from  I Can You Can Vegan.

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Reuben Jackfruit Sandwich

In this recipe from Cadry’s Kitchen, you use beets to get that classic corned beef color.

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Beer-Braised Jackfruit Enchiladas

Grab your Instant Pot! You'll need it for This Home-Cooked Roots recipe, which braises jackfruit in beer broth.

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