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Secret  Grocery  Shopping Tips 


Whether you're picking up just a few things or stocking up for the week, there are plenty of simple ways to save time and money.

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Never shop  on Sunday afternoons

Sunday afternoons are one of the most crowded times. Instead, go first thing in the morning or late evening.


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Always shop with a list

Before you leave home, take stock and make sure you’ve got staples you might not buy weekly.


Organize your list by  aisle/product type.


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Never  shop hungry

Hungry shoppers have the potential to buy items they don’t need. Shop after meals or take along a healthy snack to enjoy while you shop.


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Bring your own bags

Bringing your own  reusable totes is good  for the environment. Some stores even offer a discount for every reusable bag.


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Get meat and dairy last

Begin in the produce section and end in the dairy/meat aisles, as those products can spoil if left in a non-chilled environment for too long.


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Just because an item is on sale doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest. Look around on the shelf and compare prices.


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Check the price per ounce to determine the real cost.


Don't default to the brands on sale

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Grab from the back of the shelves

It’s worth reaching to the back for dairy, produce, eggs and other fresh foods to grab the item with the most-distant expiration date.


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