7 Turkey Tips Straight from Grandma

Use her timeless turkey tips to cook a Thanksgiving bird that will impress the whole family!

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Move the  oven rack

Position your oven rack so the center of the turkey is in the center of your oven. For a large bird, you may need to move the rack down a notch.


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Roast on a  bed of veggies

Arrange carrots, celery and onions in the bottom of the  pan. Place your turkey on top. to help with even cooking.


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Add a glaze

To get an even, rich brown color over the whole turkey, use a glaze. With a basting brush, dab on molasses, honey or jam.


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Deep-fry it 

It only takes three to four minutes of cook time per pound to deep fry a turkey. It also results in a bird that’s tender and juicy! 


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Cook stuffing separately 

Stuffing inside a turkey takes longer to cook and increases the chance that the meat will overcook. (Plus, undercooked stuffing isn't safe to eat.)


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Switch up  your technique

Learn how to spatchcock a turkey. It exposes more of the meat, giving extra room to  add seasonings!


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Use all  white meat

Order a whole, bone-in turkey breast from your butcher. It cooks quicker than a whole bird and is perfect for a smaller group of people.


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How to Deep-Fry  a Turkey

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