7 Festive Christmas Recipes 

Fire up your Christmas spirit by turning on some holiday music and whipping up these festive treats!

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Candy Cane Shortbread Bars

We love to gift this minty version of classic shortbread.  It melts in your mouth!

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Snow Globe Cookies

Make holiday magic! These extra-special ornaments are totally customizable—each filled with a little snowfall of edible sprinkles. 

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No-Bake Christmas Wreathes

Cornflakes replace the traditional rice cereal in these no-bake cookies. Dress them up with green food coloring and red candies.

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Christmas Morning  Sweet Rolls

These make-ahead rolls are a great Christmas breakfast. The eggnog in the frosting makes them extra special.

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Finnish  Mulled Wine

This mulled wine takes just  24 hours to make! And, it can be bottled in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

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Touch-of-Gold Christmas Trees

The filling alone makes these so special and delicious! You can decorate them with any sprinkles you have on hand.

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Melting Snowman

After an afternoon of sledding, kids will love to warm up with snowman-topped hot cocoa.

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