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The Best Fast Food Ice Cream

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Ever wonder which fast-food chain sells the best ice cream?  We did the hard work to find out for you!

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9. Burger King

The texture was more icy than creamy, and it seemed to melt fairly quickly.

Bottom line: This $1 cone is the most budget-friendly option of the bunch.

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This soft-serve ice cream arrived with a nice consistency and didn’t melt too fast.

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8. McDonald's

Bottom line: At $1.79 a cone, McDonald’s offers an inexpensive treat.

Here, a cone was $2.39 and the service was quick.

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7. Dairy Queen

Bottom line: It's a fine chioce. The creaminess and vanilla flavor didn’t match some of our faves.

At $4.29, the price was high, and it only came in a cup, but it was rich and creamy.

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6. Shake Shack

Bottom line: Compared to the  shakes, this ice cream felt more like an afterthought.

This $1.69 cone was flavorful and refreshing, but it did have more of a frosty mouthfeel.

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5. Chick-fil-A

Bottom line: Of all the budget-friendly fast-food ice cream cones, this one offered the most vanilla flavor.

The scoop of ice cream had a pleasant consistency with a mild vanilla flavor.

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4. Baskin-Robbins

Bottom line: There’s something for everyone at Baskin-Robbins. The whole family will leave happy.

The delightfully rich and  firm scoop held up well to  the summer heat.

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3. Cold Stone

Bottom line: It’s so fun to watch the mix-in creations. A trip to Cold Stone feels like dessert with a show!

Custard is incredibly smooth because it’s made with egg yolks. It had a fresh dairy and real vanilla flavor.

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2. Culver's

Bottom line: This was our favorite soft serve-style ice cream of the bunch.

This is a high-quality ice cream, made with real cream and quality vanilla.

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1. Oberweis


Bottom line: This was the best of all the scoops we sampled, as well as the top experience overall.

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