30-Minute Chicken Breast Recipes


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These chicken recipes let you have dinner on the table in a half hour, tops.

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Chicken  Artichoke Skillet

Seasoned with lemon juice and oregano, the stovetop chicken turns out moist and tender!

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Bacon &  Swiss Chicken Sandwiches

These sandwiches are quick and delicious! Customize with garnishes like lettuce and tomato.

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Cumin Chicken

This zesty chicken dish is perfect for those busy weeknights. So saucy and delicious, it's certainly good enough for company!

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Chicken Pizza

Here's an excellent way to use up leftover pesto. It’s loaded with protein-rich chicken and black beans!

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Artichoke Chicken Pasta

This easy, colorful dish is special enough for guests. Oregano, garlic and a light wine sauce add lovely flavor.

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Chicken  Provolone

They look fancy, but these smothered chicken breasts are simple to prepare. Add buttered noodles for an easy side dish!

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Speedy  Chicken Marsala 

This light and easy chicken pasta boasts a bright flavor thanks to lemon-pepper and a white wine sauce.

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