Ways to  Cook a Turkey


Getting ready to  cook a turkey?  Let's talk about the different cooking methods you may want to try!

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Deep Frying

Probably the most popular cooking method next to roasting, a deep-fried turkey means tender, juicy meat that’s ready in a fraction of the time.

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With results that are rich, tender and slightly sweet, smoking is one of the most delicious ways to cook a turkey. It's largely hands-off, too, so you can focus on your other dinner dishes while it cooks.


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If you’re not ready to give up the char-grilled flavor of summer barbecue, try grilling your Thanksgiving turkey. Hello, grill marks!


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Best for those hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, a slow-cooked turkey is so easy to make. Plus, you can use the drippings to make gravy!

Slow Cooking

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Need turkey ASAP? Cooking turkey breast, legs and/or thighs in the Instant Pot can get your main dish on the table in an hour or less.

Pressure  Cooking

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For those who don’t have the equipment to deep fry a turkey but still want that crispy skin, air frying is a great solution.

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Air Frying

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Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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