Best Grocery Store Cakes


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To figure out which grocery store has the best cakes, we had a pro baker sample slices from six different bakeries.

Here's what our taste test uncovered.


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The cake layers are tall and fluffy, paired with luscious, light frosting.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a deal, and don’t mind super sweet frosting, this will do the trick.


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The cake was nice and light, but had little flavor. The frosting's texture was lovely, but the flavor was a bit off.

Bottom line: If the frosting is your favorite part of a cake, skip this option.

Whole Foods

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The cake was quite dense, but had good flavor. The frosting was silky, smooth and melts in your mouth.

Bottom line: If you don’t love the taste of butter, consider a custom frosting.


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It was light and fluffy. The frosting wasn’t too sweet, making it a well-balanced cake for a great deal.

Bottom line: If you need a cake in a pinch, this is a great option.


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The cake has a nice texture, but the frosting is a bit too sweet. The addition of the cheesecake mousse takes it up a notch.

Bottom line: If you have a membership, choose this option every time.


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Our winner! This option has light, fluffy cake texture and is paired with a luscious, well-balanced frosting.

Bottom line: A well-balanced, flavorful cake that won’t break the bank.


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