7 of the Best Christmas Ideas  for Him 

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him? From stylish accessories to kitchen gadgets, we've got options  for every type  of guy.

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For fry guys:

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer. If he can’t resist anything crunchy, crispy, fried, roasty or toasty, this is the appliance for him. This air fryer lets him cook anything in an easier, healthier way.

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For pet parents:

Personalized Ugly Sweater Socks. Get him into a festive mood with custom socks that feature his best friend! This personalized gift will get lots of laughs and seasonal wear.

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For baseball and beer lovers:

MLB Used Bat Bottle Opener.  Sourced from the MLB itself, these handmade bottle openers let him crack open a cold one with an authentic former game-day bat.

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For guys with sore muscles:

Lifepro Massage Gun.  Gadgets that both pamper and provide pain relief are rare. This mini, travel-ready massage gun does just that and more.

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For outdoor enthusiasts:

Murphy’s Natural Mosquito-Repellent Candle.  Take the sting out of your outdoorsy guy by gifting him everything he’ll need to ward off mosquitoes. This citronella candle is a great place to start!

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For grill masters:

Weber 70th Anniversary Charcoal Kettle Grill.  Get him a limited-edition Weber kettle grill so he can enjoy this iconic brand’s classic design and reap the rewards of his passion.

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