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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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      This Is How Long Your Christmas Cookies Will Stay Fresh

      So many cookies to make, so little time! This guide will help you bake and store every batch in the...

      How to Store Cookies to Keep Them Fresh

      Whether you’re baking for the holidays or for everyday enjoyment, these tips for how to store cookies will help keep...

      10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Caramel

      Become a caramel making pro in no time! Just avoid these caramel mistakes to make the perfect caramel candy or...

      9 Things to Add to Stuffing Mix to Make It Taste Homemade

      Looking to dress up your dressing? Here's what to add to stuffing mix for Thanksgiving—or any other family dinner.

      12 Secrets to Baking the Best Cutout Cookies

      Whipping up bakery-perfect sugar cookies only requires two basic ingredients: a little love and a little baking know-how.

      Today’s Home Bakers Share Their Secrets to the Best Cookie Platters Ever

      Putting together cookie trays for friends and family? Take these tips from our Test Kitchen pros and community cooks.

      Does Vanilla Extract Contain Alcohol?

      Here's what you need to know about vanilla extract alcohol content.

      Weights for Your Favorite Baking Ingredients

      An easy way to better your baking: measure correctly! Measure these common baking ingredients by weight (not volume!) for better...

      Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? Yes, and Here’s How.

      Before you get out your freezer-safe containers, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

      The Best Apples for Baking, Cooking and Eating

      With so many apple varieties, it can be hard to know which ones to pick! Here's your guide to the...

      How to Protect Your Food from Freezer Burn

      Learn how to stop freezer burn in its tracks.

      How to Brine Practically Any Meat

      We'll show you why it's worth it to use a brine—especially on leaner cuts of meat like pork chops and...

      How to Use a Percolator

      Ready to brew the perfect cup of coffee? It's time to learn how to use a percolator.

      How Long to Thaw a Turkey

      How long does it take for a turkey to thaw? Here's how you can thaw a turkey in the refrigerator,...

      14 Biscuit Tips from Our Test Kitchen Pros

      We all love biscuits straight from the oven. Make your go-to recipe even better with biscuit tips from our Test...

      What Are Aromatics?

      Aromatics are a quick and easy way to add a ton of flavor to your cooking.

      3 Easy Substitutions for Canned Pumpkin

      Can't find canned pumpkin? Don't worry! You can still make your favorite fall treats with these substitutions.

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      Want to Cook Turkey Stuffing? Read This First.

      Turkey stuffing can be delicious and a great essential to have for Thanksgiving—if done properly. We'll show you how to...

      30 Turkey Tips Everyone Should Know This Thanksgiving

      We’re sharing Thanksgiving advice directly from Taste of Home readers and our Test Kitchen. Use our timeless turkey tips to...

      What Is Sun Tea?

      For many people, learning how to make sun tea was an essential part of growing up—but is this nostalgic method...

      What’s in Season? Here’s How to Cook and Store Your Favorite Fall Produce

      You've been waiting all year for fall produce to be ready, and it's finally time! Here's how to store and...

      This Is Exactly How Much Turkey to Make Per Person

      No need to guess how much turkey per person—this handy rule will make your Thanksgiving easier and oh-so-tasty!

      12 Common Toaster Mistakes You May Be Making

      Your toaster is one of the simpler appliances in the kitchen, but we still find ways to use it incorrectly....

      15 Ways Quarantine Has Changed Our Kitchen Habits

      We've changed the way we cook since COVID-19 hit. But along the way, our staff discovered some quarantine cooking tips...

      What Can You Do with Leftover Pumpkin Puree?

      Don't let leftover pumpkin puree go to waste! We'll show you how to use up that extra pumpkin at the...

      How to Cook an Upside-Down Turkey

      Upside-down turkey? You heard us right! Find out why you should flip your bird for a delicious holiday dinner.

      Could a Hairdryer Be the Secret to Your Best-Ever Thanksgiving Turkey?

      Is this another internet gimmick—or is it the secret to Thanksgiving turkey perfection? I put this unusual skin-crisping method to...