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Rose Water Rice Pudding

Rose water rice pudding is a popular Middle Eastern treat. Pomegranate seeds and chopped pistachios add a simple yet elegant touch to this floral Lebanese specialty. —Michael & Mathil Chebat, Layla's Lebanese Restaurant, Lake Ridge, Virginia

Slow-Cooker Rice Porridge

1 review

We Italians have a soft spot for our rice dishes. Whether it's risotto or rice pudding, it's all good. This...

Stars and Stripes Parfaits

1 review

From Big Rock, Virginia, Mrs. Fred Stacy suggests, "Bright berries make this rice pudding perfectly patriotic."

Peachy Cinnamon Rice Pudding

“This delicious variation on a classic has become a family favorite,” relates Shanna Webb of Ridgecrest, California. “Anyone who loves...

Caramel Rice Dessert

1 review

This recipe has been in our family for four generations. It can be prepared well ahead of time, if necessary.

Stirred Lemon Rice Custard

Our previous story on Shirley provided the recipe for Christmas Tree Bread pictured at left. This time, we're sharing another...

Peachy Rice Dessert

In Nada, Texas, Monica Staff uses leftover rice to create this creamy dessert with old-fashioned flavor. Beneath its sweet cinnamon...

Cranberry Rice Dessert

I make this simple dessert using leftover rice from another meal. I also enjoy it as a snack.

Apple Rice Betty

Thelma Brown's cinnamony dessert is a longtime favorite. "When our six children lived at home, I made this often," says...

Rice Pudding with Raspberry Sauce

"This is one of my family's all-time favorites," writes Shirley Privatsky of Dickinson, North Dakota. "It's so festive looking-especially when...

Hawaiian Rice Pudding

3 reviews

"An aunt who lived in Hawaii shared the recipe for this tropical-tasting rice pudding," relates field editor Joan Hallford of...

Strawberry Rice Dessert

A snowy wreath of creamy rice pudding crowned with a pretty red strawberry filling makes this dessert a colorful Christmas...

Honey-Orange Rice Pudding for Two

4 reviews

“Arborio rice is the key to this creamy pudding. The slow cooking allows the rice to become tender and absorb...

Almond Rice with Raspberry Sauce

1 review

It simply wouldn't be Christmas in our family without this old-fashioned dessert. Cool and creamy, it looks beautiful drizzled with...

Cherries in the Snow

1 review

Dried Oregon cherries dot this light, creamy rice pudding. We developed this recipe for our guests with dietary concerns who...

Cocoa Rice Pudding

This creamy pudding has been a family favorite for 40 years. It's delicious with a dollop of whipped cream on...

No-Fuss Rice Pudding

2 reviews

"This quick rice pudding is yummy and so easy to make!" says Sheila Wilde of Welling, Alberta. She uses her...

Creamy Chocolate Rice Pudding

While feeling bored one summer afternoon, I decided to create this scrumptious spin on traditional rice pudding. Now, my creative...

Easy Chocolate Rice Pudding

This recipe is the closest I could come to the rice pudding my husband remembers his mother made when he...

Sticky Toffee Rice Pudding with Caramel Cream

6 reviews

Simple rice pudding gets a makeover with this upscale recipe. It has just the right thickness to soak up a...

Christmas Rice Pudding

4 reviews

My heritage is Swedish and this recipe is known among Swedes as "grut". My Grandma Anna would make it every...

Healthy Coconut Rice Pudding

3 reviews

“This recipe is from a weight loss buddy. I like to add a little extra vanilla and cinnamon to mine.”...

Speedy Rice Pudding

4 reviews

This delicious pudding has a rich, old-fashioned flavor, but it's quick to make especially for my great-grandchildren.—Ann Vershowske, West Allis,...

Stovetop Rice Pudding

15 reviews

This is my mom’s recipe, which she called creamy steamed rice. Although many people would eat it for dessert, it...

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Swedish Christmas Rice Pudding

4 reviews

Rice pudding is an old-fashioned dessert that is comforting and delicious. The creamy treat has a mild vanilla flavor.—Karla Larson,...

Lemon Rice Pudding Brulee

1 review

“You can make the lemonade from frozen concentrate to speed up the assembly of this delicious and easy rice pudding...

Honey-Orange Rice Pudding

3 reviews

“Arborio rice is the key to this creamy pudding. The slow cooking allows the rice to become tender and absorb...

Indulgent Coconut Rice Pudding

4 reviews

This slow-cooked winter comfort dessert is a healthier option for your family that doesn't sacrifice flavor. If you can't find...

Eggnog Rice Pudding

5 reviews

"I find this pretty dessert particularly good for holiday entertaining," writes Berdine Lilja of Elk River, Minnesota.

Frittelle di Riso

For this traditional Italian dinner, we created these rice fritters that serve as a sweet and satisfying dessert.—Taste of Home...