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    Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Cheesecake

    This Kentucky bourbon pecan cheesecake will wow your guests and your taste buds. Serve in spring during the Kentucky Derby or at any other special occasion throughout the year. —Rashanda Cobbins, Taste of Home Food Editor

    Homemade Gelt

    Giving chocolate coins to children, and sometimes to teachers, is a long-standing Hanukkah tradition. This homemade version of gelt uses...

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    Bread Pudding Pie

    4 reviews

    This unique dessert is a bread pudding-pie combo. It was created by my paternal grandmother's family. They had a farm...

    Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

    After making some delicious dessert bars, I was determined to turn the recipe into a chocolate peppermint cheesecake. This festive...

    Cinnamon Twirl Cookies

    9 reviews

    These rolled cookies are tasty and fun to make with your family. The sugary mixture of walnuts and cinnamon is...

    Creamy Coconut Peppermint Pie

    Garnished with toasted coconut and more peppermint candy, this creamy dessert welcomes the holidays! Look for premade shortbread crusts in...

    Pressure-Cooker Pumpkin Flans

    This silky, smooth dessert captures the essence and elegance of fall. I came up with the recipe myself, aiming to...

    Orange Cornmeal Cake

    1 review

    This cake bakes up tender and light with a subtle orange taste. It tastes rich but is comparatively low in...

    Spiced Rum Fruitcake

    1 review

    This fruitcake not only can be made weeks ahead, it tastes better that way! You can substitute Brazil nuts, pecans...

    Ugly Sweater Cookies

    Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ugly Sweater Cookies is how cute they are. Try these classic gingerbreads on for...

    No-Bake Apple Pie

    8 reviews

    We always have an abundance of apples in the fall, so I like to make this easy pie. My husband...

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    Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Monkey Bread

    5 reviews

    Time to give rum cake a little competition! If this boozy take on monkey bread is too strong for your...

    Joe Froggers

    1 review

    Large, soft and chewy, these cookies are made to munch. This classic recipe has a warm blend of spices that...

    Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    11 reviews

    When I baked this moist, fudgy chocolate crinkle cookie recipe for the first time, my three preschool children went wild...

    Snowman Cookies

    9 reviews

    Wrap these chocolate-topped snowmen in colored tissue and place them inside holiday containers. Like real snowmen, they disappear fast! —Betty...

    Lemon Curd Cookies

    1 review

    I've made these cookies for years. I like to give them out to family and friends. —Carole Vogel, Allison Park,...

    Oat & Coconut Icebox Cookies

    2 reviews

    This recipe was passed down through my family from Grandma Irene and is a favorite of my dad and cousin...

    Brown Sugar Icebox Cookies

    6 reviews

    My daughters and I have been "fair-ly" successful competitors at county fairs and bake-offs for more than 20 years. This...

    Fruit ‘n’ Spice Rounds

    5 reviews

    While I was looking for a way to use up an abundance of dates, I came across this recipe. Made...

    Pineapple Cheese Pie

    3 reviews

    I cut this recipe out of a magazine over 40 years ago when I was a new cook and wanted...

    Chocolate Eggnog Pie

    Reduced-fat eggnog makes for a creamy pie that’s spiced just right—and a light treat to top off a holiday meal....

    Chocolate Eclair Delight

    5 reviews

    It's amazing how the layers of this eclair torte soften overnight into a cakelike texture. Just before serving this dessert,...

    Cinnamon-Pear Rustic Tart

    1 review

    I was lucky enough to spend the holidays with my husband's family in Montana. I loved the rustic simplicity of...

    Frosty Peppermint Dessert

    3 reviews

    This creamy freeze with candy and a chocolate crust delivers make-ahead convenience. I'll often whip up two.—Carolyn Satterfield, Emporia, Kansas

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    Cranberry Pecan Pie

    15 reviews

    I first prepared this pie at Thanksgiving to share with my co-workers. It was such a success! Now I freeze...

    Christmas Eggnog Pie

    14 reviews

    A dear friend always received rave reviews when she served this eggnog pie. So I knew I needed the recipe!...

    Coconut Cake Supreme

    12 reviews

    I make most cakes from scratch, but during the holiday rush, this recipe that starts with a mix buys me...

    Coffee Lover’s Mini Cheesecakes

    1 review

    Everyone in my family knows how much I adore cheesecake. Anyone who wants one made comes to me because they...

    Peppermint Cheesecake on a Stick

    Surprise guests with a fun holiday treat—dipped cheesecake wedges you can eat without a fork. Whenever my son has one,...

    Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge

    3 reviews

    I'm borderline diabetic, but this sugar-free fudge made with sugar substitute appeases my sweet tooth. —Kaye Hartley, Jacksonville, Florida