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    Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Snack Mix

    3 reviews

    I love chocolate-covered strawberries, but that's a treat you want to make only on special occasions. With a little experimenting, I've captured the same incredible flavor in a snack I can take anywhere. Everyone is always amazed when I pull this out at a picnic or tailgate, or on a car trip. —TerryAnn Moore, Vineland, New Jersey

    Peppermint Chocolate Almond Crisps

    1 review

    Peppermint, chocolate, lemon and almonds give these cookies a delightful holiday flavor. My husband's office staff love these cookies, and...

    Spicy Chocolate Orange Snack Mix

    This munchable treat gets an extra zing from orange zest and a pop from cayenne pepper. Set out a bowl...

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    Football Cake Pops

    My son loves football! For his eighth birthday, I made cake pops with a rich chocolate cake center and a...

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

    4 reviews

    It was so fun to experiment with this brownie recipe. When my daughter tasted the final version, she told me...

    Santa Claus Cookies

    13 reviews

    Store-bought peanut butter sandwich cookies become jolly Santas with white chocolate, colored sugar, mini chips and red-hot candies. —Mary Kaufenberg,...

    Orange Chocolate Meltaways

    8 reviews

    The terrific combination of chocolate and orange makes these some of the best truffles I've ever had. As holiday gifts,...

    Truffle Cherries

    4 reviews

    Chocolate is popular at our house, especially during the holidays, so these double chocolate gems never last long! —Anne Drouin,...

    Chocolate Coffee Spoons

    My husband, Mark and I gave our wedding guests these cute spoons as favors. They're a fun way to flavor...

    Chocolate Marshmallow Grahams

    2 reviews

    While working at a local Grange, I came up with these chocolaty bars to serve with coffee to weary travelers....

    Chocolate-Berry Bars

    I created this recipe by accident when I wanted to make Rice Krispie bars with dried fruit. All I had...

    Chocolate Raisin Truffles

    1 review

    These sweet morsels have wonderful flavor and are inexpensive to make. —Diane Hixon, Niceville, Florida

    Caramel Chocolate Sauce

    2 reviews

    Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This quick fix from June Smith of Byron Center, Michigan takes ice cream toppings to new heights....

    Minty Chocolate Crackles

    Each December, I whip up big batches of these chewy mint morsels, then watch them disappear in a flash! Everyone...

    Chocolate-Cherry Brownie Cups

    It's so tempting to snitch one of these yummy cups, you'll want to double your recipe. That way, you'll have...

    Marble Brownies

    6 reviews

    "I like to cook and enjoy trying new recipes," relates Diana Coppernoll of Linden, North Carolina. A cream cheese topping...

    Caramel-Chocolate Oat Squares

    4 reviews

    In the summer, we often have weekend guests who go boating with us. These sweet, chewy bars are the perfect...

    Crispy Peanut Butter Treats

    3 reviews

    "I don't make these crispy bars very often because it's hard to stop eating them!" admits Lisa Hornish, Grand Forks...

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    Chocolate Caramel Turkey Legs

    3 reviews

    Mention turkey legs made of pretzels and chocolate, and the kids come running. Let them help by unwrapping caramels for...

    Frozen Peanut Butter and Chocolate Terrine

    1 review

    This terrine can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer. When served, it cuts easily, revealing the...

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Chews

    "I'm always searching for good recipes to use in the microwave," relates Sharan Williams of Spanish Fork, Utah. "These thick,...

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    Chocolate Mocha Dusted Almonds

    I love to make recipes with nuts. These are chocolaty with a hint of coffee—elegant and addictive! I give them...

    Turtle Chips

    Salty-sweet, crunchy-chewy—so many sensations in one delectable bite. This is the absolute easiest recipe to make! Both kids and adults...

    Rocky Road Fudge Pops

    These sweet frozen treats are simple to prepare and guaranteed to bring out the kid in anyone. The creamy pops...

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    19 reviews

    These chocolate peanut butter balls (no bake!) are always popular at my church's annual Christmas fundraiser. They resemble chestnuts or...

    Crispy Chocolate Squares

    5 reviews

    Folks will think you slaved away on these fast and fudgy treats. People often request the recipe and are surprised...

    Microwave Oatmeal Bars

    13 reviews

    My mother shared this speedy recipe with me. There are not a lot of ingredients, so these chewy treats are...

    Crunchy Mint Fudge

    Celebrate the season with old-fashioned fudge spiked with the flavors of spearmint and peppermint.

    Rocky Toffee Fudge

    A hint of Kahlua gives grown-up taste to the classic combination of marshmallows and chocolate.

    Chocolate Cake in a Mug

    8 reviews

    Why is this chocolate cake in a mug the most dangerous recipe in the world? Because you’re now only minutes...