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    Snowman Oreo Balls

    4 reviews

    Get the kids involved with making these adorable snowman Oreo balls. They can help roll, dip and decorate! A small box of these cuties makes a delicious food gift during the holidays. —Carla Giorgio, New York City, New York

    Chocolate Lebkuchen Cherry Balls

    1 review

    Here's my twist on the traditional German holiday lebkuchen—with a surprise inside. Maraschino cherries add a sweet and unexpected punch...

    Curry-Kissed Coconut Fudge

    If you love Thai flavors and love fudge, you'll adore this creamy coconut fudge sprinkled with a hint of sweet...

    Butterscotch Pumpkin Fudge

    Each one of these creamy, heartwarming treats is like a bite-sized pumpkin pie. —Kathleen Henne, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

    Iced Almonds

    5 reviews

    My mother-in-law gave me this recipe some 15 years ago. I've made well over 100 batches since then!—Susan Marie Taccone,...

    Almond Toffee

    24 reviews

    I love this almond toffee recipe because it makes me look like an expert candy's so easy! This candy...

    Coconut Bonbons

    4 reviews

    These candies are perfect for any holiday. I like to decorate the tops with a miniature sugar flower or novelty...

    Truffle Cherries

    4 reviews

    Chocolate is popular at our house, especially during the holidays, so these double chocolate gems never last long! —Anne Drouin,...

    Caramel Pretzel Sticks

    13 reviews

    Homemade caramel, smooth almond bark and chopped nuts make these pretzel rods sinfully delicious. This treat is always a huge...

    English Toffee

    29 reviews

    Each Christmas I make several pounds of candy and cookies for friends, neighbors and business associates. This tasty toffee is...

    Orange Chocolate Meltaways

    8 reviews

    The terrific combination of chocolate and orange makes these some of the best truffles I've ever had. As holiday gifts,...

    Aunt Rose’s Fantastic Butter Toffee

    11 reviews

    I don't live in the country, but I love everything about it—especially good old-fashioned home cooking! Every year, you'll find...

    Family-Favorite Cinnamon Candy

    I have fond memories of standing at my grandmother's stove with my mom and my aunts, helping to make this...

    Tout icon

    Caramel Truffles

    23 reviews

    These candies disappear as fast as I can make them. The five-ingredient microwave recipe is easy and fun to make....

    Mashed Potato Pecan Fudge

    1 review

    This treasured recipe goes back to my grandmother, who loved the candy as much as I do! It's easy to...

    Crunchy Chocolate Clusters

    1 review

    This easy candy has a south-of-the-border flavor with cinnamon, chocolate and coffee. Sweet, salty and crunchy, it's a great no-bake...

    Perfect Chocolate Fudge

    3 reviews

    This rich chocolate fudge is sure to delight someone you love. —Dorothy Anderson, Ottawa, Kansas

    Gingerbread Truffles

    I never received compliments on my baking until I brought my gingerbread truffles to a party. Every Christmas, family, friends...

    Spiced Almond Butter Candy

    1 review

    Roasted almonds and almond butter take center stage in this delectable candy, but the cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice really come...

    Mounds Balls

    7 reviews

    I make these bite-sized treats as gifts for friends—and I get lots of thank-you notes in return. The mailman doesn't...

    Tout icon

    Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

    89 reviews

    My sister shared the recipe for this unbelievably easy peanut butter fudge with marshmallow cream. I prefer using creamy peanut...

    Chocolate Pecan Caramels

    7 reviews

    I haven't missed a year making this candy for the holidays since a friend gave me the recipe in 1964!...

    Chocolate Mint Candy

    18 reviews

    I never made candy before until I tried this recipe. Now I make it every holiday. —Kendra Pedersen, Battle Ground,...

    Fudge-Topped Brownies

    6 reviews

    If you love brownies and fudge, why not combine the two? Mix up a pan of these exquisite brownies for...

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    Chocolate Pretzel Rings

    53 reviews

    If you like chocolate-covered pretzels, you'll love these simple snacks. They're fun to make any time of year because you...

    Lemon Bark

    I wasn't a fan of white chocolate until I made this candy. It's tangy, sweet and creamy all at the...

    Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

    5 reviews

    Kids of all ages enjoy making and eating these fun treats. The decorated pretzels are a pretty gift in a...

    Marbled Orange Fudge

    22 reviews

    This decadent treat doesn't last long at our house. The Creamsicle flavor of this soft fudge brings on the smiles....

    White Candy Bark

    3 reviews

    This speedy candy recipe can be varied depending on the type of fruit or nuts you have on hand. Since...

    Macadamia-Coconut Candy Clusters

    1 review

    These are super easy to make. They are great to make for bake sales,teacher gifts or on candy platters. They...