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    Dutch Oven Red Beans and Rice

    11 reviews

    This Dutch oven red beans and rice recipe is a great one-pot meal. It's one of my husband's favorites and it uses simple ingredients, so it's been a go-to recipe in our house for years. —Janice Conklin, Stevensville, Montana

    Roast Lemon Butter Shrimp

    6 reviews

    This baked shrimp is a quick and easy weeknight meal that has lots of fantastic flavor! —Anne Ormond, Dover, New...

    Curry Shrimp and Rice

    2 reviews

    My family and I absolutely love curry shrimp and rice. I created this version so I I can make it...

    Bacon Apple Risotto

    The beauty of this dish is it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bit of savory, a...

    Pressure Cooker Curried Pumpkin Risotto

    2 reviews

    This easy pumpkin risotto tastes like fall and gets a flavor boost from the curry. —Andrea Reaves, Stephens City, Virginia

    Roasted Asparagus Risotto

    1 review

    This recipe's wow factor makes it perfect for special occasions. To save time, the asparagus and prosciutto can be roasting...

    Slow-Cooker Jambalaya Risotto

    1 review

    I love risotto, but I don't always love the time and stirring it takes to get the creamy goodness. I...

    Pressure-Cooker Stuffed Peppers

    1 review

    Here's a good-for-you dinner that's also a meal-in-one classic. Add a salad and, in just moments, call everyone to the...

    Pressure-Cooker Lentil Stew

    This tasty vegetarian stew lets you take a break from meat. Adding the cream at the end gives it a...

    Pressure-Cooker Beef and Beans

    This deliciously spicy steak and beans over rice will have friends asking for more. It's a favorite in my recipe...

    Pressure-Cooker Pork and Apple Curry

    1 review

    Here's a gentle curry dish that's won't overwhelm more delicate palates. For fun, try varying the garnish—add a few chopped...

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    Southwestern Beef and Rice Skillet

    10 reviews

    I like to serve this kicked-up skillet dish with warm flour tortillas and a side of guacamole. If you like...

    Slow-Cooker Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers

    7 reviews

    Utilize leftovers and clean out the fridge by making these super simple and tasty stuffed peppers! This is an ideal...

    Za’atar Chicken

    8 reviews

    It's hard to find a dinner that both my husband and kids will enjoy—and even harder to find one that's...

    Shortcut Oven-Baked Chicken Chimichangas

    3 reviews

    Mimic the crunch of a chimichanga by brushing these with oil and baking them. Our children love to have them...

    Slow-Cooker Spanish Rice

    1 review

    Here's an economical dish with authentic Tex-Mex flavor. Even the little ones will go for this Spanish rice. —Sharon...

    Sausage and Blue Cheese Stuffed Peppers

    This family favorite combines some of our most-enjoyed ingredients: sausage, blue cheese and sweet peppers. The ease of preparation and...

    Slow-Cooker Rice Porridge

    1 review

    We Italians have a soft spot for our rice dishes. Whether it's risotto or rice pudding, it's all good. This...

    Pressure-Cooker Cajun Pork and Rice

    3 reviews

    I created this recipe after returning home from a trip and finding little food in the house. I used ingredients...

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    Pressure-Cooker Risotto with Chicken and Mushrooms

    5 reviews

    Portobello mushrooms add an earthy flavor to this creamy classic, while shredded rotisserie chicken makes it a snap to prepare....

    Pine Nut and Cranberry Rice Pilaf

    2 reviews

    Juicy cranberries and crunchy pine nuts easily dress up rice in this special side dish. The subtle flavors make it...

    Sweet Potato Pork Skillet

    6 reviews

    Spiced sweet potatoes and meaty chops pair beautifully in this heartwarming dish. There's plenty of sauce, so don't forget the...

    Asian Pork

    5 reviews

    Asian pork recipes, like this crisp stir-fry, pair nicely with a cucumber salad in vinaigrette dressing. —Marlene Kroll, Chicago, Illinois

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    Chilly-Day Chicken Soup

    1 review

    “This was one of the things I ate on my healthy-heart diet and I lost 67 pounds in six months....

    Lemon Risotto with Peas

    2 reviews

    Lemon adds a refreshing taste to this lovely risotto dish that's perfect for spring. Sue Dannahower of Fort Pierce, Florida...

    Ham ‘n’ Salami Jambalaya

    1 review

    This all-in-one dish from Carol Gawronski of Lake Wales, Florida is packed with flavor in every bite. With onion, celery,...

    Santa Fe Chicken and Rice

    7 reviews

    Cheesy chicken breasts are even more scrumptious served on a bed of tender, Southwest-style rice. This effortless meal from Debra...

    Mandarin Pork Stir-Fry

    6 reviews

    When my husband and I were dating, he told me he liked Asian food. I got a wok and discovered...

    Taco Platter

    2 reviews

    “We love Southwest-flavored foods and this fun recipe is a favorite,” writes June Barrus from Springville, Utah. “If you like...