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Chimichurri Baked Flounder

1 review

Chimichurri is a tasty uncooked sauce made from fresh herbs. I love it over any type of fish, but especially over baked flounder. To save time, I gather the herbs on my chopping board and chop them all at once. —Jennifer Okutman, Westminster, Maryland

Cumin Quinoa Patties

1 review

These easy burgers taste amazing, and the quinoa gives them a hearty texture. They’re a delicious vegetarian option that you...

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Garlic Chicken Rigatoni

27 reviews

My family loves the scampi-inspired combination of garlic and olive oil in this delicious pasta. I love that it’s guilt-free!...

Cod and Asparagus Bake

7 reviews

In this bright and lively one-pan dish, green and red veggies back up tender fish, and lemon pulls everything together....

Creamy Pasta Primavera

16 reviews

When I think of springtime, asparagus comes to mind. This pasta dish is a wonderful blend of tender, crisp, colorful...

Pork Medallions with Raspberry-Balsamic Sauce

11 reviews

When I entertain, I prefer spending time with company to being holed up in the kitchen. This fast entree lets...

Speedy Chicken Marsala

24 reviews

This is one of my favorite dishes to order in restaurants, so I created a version that I could make...

Pork Chops with Blue Cheese Sauce

14 reviews

Sometimes a sauce is just a sauce, but with these tender chops, it really makes the dish. If you like...

Peppered Tuna Kabobs

When we barbecue, we like to wow our guests, so dogs and burgers are out! We make tuna skewers topped...

Pepper Ricotta Primavera

9 reviews

Garlic, peppers and herbs top creamy ricotta cheese in this meatless skillet meal you can make in just 20 minutes....

Dijon-Honey Pork Chops

5 reviews

Lemon-pepper is our seasoning of choice for these chops. With the honey-orange Dijon sauce, there’s no need to pass the...

Salmon with Fettuccine Alfredo

1 review

Pat Patty used salmon, her imagination and her taste buds to come up with a smart twist on an Italian...

Pork Chops with Herbed Cream Sauce

3 reviews

This recipe is perfect for a spur-of-the-moment lunch or as a no-fuss entree for a special Sunday dinner. The meat...

Grilled Citrus Salmon

4 reviews

This is a great recipe for summer entertaining. The orange and lemon add a bright burst of fresh citrus flavor....

Citrus Cod

5 reviews

We enjoy fish frequently, and this baked version has a tempting mild orange flavor. It comes out of the oven...

Mandarin Orange Chicken

3 reviews

In Washington Court House, Ohio, Clara Coulston jazzes up meals with this mouthwatering recipe. She simply treats juicy chicken breasts...

Microwaved Cod

1 review

The original recipe for this entree came from my grandmother, who baked it in the oven. Today, the fish, which...

Apricot-Glaze Chicken

7 reviews

My husband knows what's on the supper menu when our boys are driving home from Abilene Christian University in Texas....

Instant Potato Gnocchi

7 reviews

This tasty gnocchi is much easier than it looks and contains almost no saturated fat. “Just serve with your favorite...

Greek-Style Chicken Skewers

7 reviews

This is the one chicken dish my son doesn't put ketchup on. You can make them on smaller skewers, too....

Poached Chicken

1 review

You can't beat poaching for chicken that is moist and tender. Once it's cooled, store extra in the freezer for...

Curried Pork Chops

1 review

My mother was a very traditional cook, except when it came to this recipe! My sisters and I enjoyed it...

Thai Shrimp Pasta

3 reviews

I came up with this recipe while my son was home from the Navy. He loves Thai food, and I...

Asian Salmon Tacos

1 review

This Asian/Mexican fusion dish is ready in minutes—perfect for an on-the-run-meal! If the salmon begins to stick, add 2-3 tablespoons...

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