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    Pressure-Cooker Chipotle Porcupine Meatballs

    My family loves porcupine meatballs. We have been eating this retro dish for years—I just updated it with a little more spice for myself. With the electronic pressure cooker, it is ready in minutes and is great for a day I don't have a lot of time. It makes some great leftover makeovers, too! —Noelle Myers, Grand Forks, North Dakota

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    Pressure-Cooker Beef and Rice Cabbage Rolls

    2 reviews

    My family can't wait for dinner when I serve my tasty cabbage rolls. The dish comes together in a pinch...

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    Southwestern Beef and Rice Skillet

    10 reviews

    I like to serve this kicked-up skillet dish with warm flour tortillas and a side of guacamole. If you like...

    Beef Barley Skillet

    2 reviews

    This versatile dish goes together fast since it's made with quick-cooking barley. You can make it with ground turkey or...

    Slow-Cooker Spanish Rice

    1 review

    Here's an economical dish with authentic Tex-Mex taste. Even the little ones will go for this Spanish rice. —Sharon...

    Ground Beef and Barley Soup

    20 reviews

    I came across this recipe years ago at a recipe exchange through a church group. The contributor didn't sign her...

    Beef Barley Lentil Soup

    32 reviews

    I serve this soup often to family and friends on cold nights, along with homemade rolls and a green salad....

    Pizza Meatballs

    8 reviews

    With mozzarella cheese inside, these tender meatballs taste almost like pizza. Whether I make them for a church potluck or...

    Ground Beef Barley Soup

    6 reviews

    I first tasted this soup when a friend served it to our family one day after church. It's now a...

    Rice Mix Meatballs

    "Mom prepared these easy meatballs with a thick gravy often when I was growing up," relates Marcy Paden of Louisville,...

    Nacho Rice Dip

    Spanish rice mix adds an interesting twist to this effortless appetizer from Audra Hungate of Holt, Missouri. "Every time I...

    Skillet Beef N Rice

    2 reviews

    "Even picky children enjoy this economical dish," assures Lori Thompson, New London, Texas. "Our kids agree it's one of their...

    Hearty Vegetable Barley Soup

    2 reviews

    My mom picked up this barley soup recipe in her fitness class and passed it to me. It’s loaded with...

    Cheese Beef Burritos

    1 review

    After a busy day, this is a dish that I can get on the table fast. The recipe came about...

    Louisiana-Style Taco Soup

    1 review

    “This is one of my family’s favorite quick and easy soups on a cold winter’s day,” Julie Whitlow attests from...

    Beef and Barley Mulligan

    2 reviews

    This hearty recipe was in a handmade recipe book I received from a relative as a bridal shower gift.—Dawn Supina,...

    Beef & Bulgur-Stuffed Zucchini Boats

    2 reviews

    My mom frequently cooked the giant zucchini that she grew in her garden. I adapted this recipe from one of...

    Three-Bean Soup

    This is a terrific recipe for cold days. Even my young son asks for it! I like it because it's...

    One-Pot Stuffed Pepper Dinner

    12 reviews

    Thick like chili and with plenty of stuffed pepper flavor, this dish will
    warm you up on chilly days....

    Southwest Beef & Rice Skillet

    15 reviews

    My family loves this recipe because it’s so tasty, fast and filling. I love the easy one-dish cleanup. Sometimes I...

    Chipotle Beef & Rice

    3 reviews

    Made completely in the skillet, this savory, moist mix of ground beef, lime, salsa, peppers and cheese offers creamy comfort....

    Makeover Beef & Potato Soup

    10 reviews

    Slow-cooker easy, this soup is a Christmas Eve tradition after church services at our house. —Sheila Holderman, Berthold, North Dakota

    Zucchini Beef Skillet

    14 reviews

    This is a speedy summer recipe that uses up those abundant garden goodies: Zucchini, tomatoes and green peppers. —Becky Calder,...

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    Beef & Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

    13 reviews

    This recipe is special to me because it’s an easy one-pot meal that tastes like you spent the whole day...

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    Cajun Beef & Rice

    17 reviews

    Cajun rice from a restaurant or box can have a lot of sodium and fat. Here’s a hearty, healthy way...

    Slow-Cooker Golombki

    9 reviews

    I modified my mom's classic Polish dish to fit my hectic life. Instead of boiling the cabbage and then filling...

    Hamburger Stew

    1 review

    There's nothing fancy to this recipe—it's just bursting with old-fashioned goodness and hearty flavor. —Margery Bryan, Royal City, Washington

    Hamburger Rice Hot Dish

    4 reviews

    What could be simpler than this supper? Not much! I round out this meal with steamed mixed vegetables and whatever...

    East-West Stir-Fry

    This makes a pretty, colorful meal. For a different taste, try serving a stir-fry over baked or mashed potatoes—that's how...

    Chop Suey

    1 review

    This recipe is my children's all-time favorite meal. How much do they like it? Even more than they like pizza...and...