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Dishwasher Tablet Not Dissolving? Here’s What It Means

You might be able to fix the problem yourself!

How to Take Care of Your Dutch Oven so You’ll Have It Forever

Dutch ovens are pretty heavy-duty, but they do need some maintenance from time to time. Learn how to clean a...

The Dangerous Reason You Should Never Use a Wire Brush to Clean Your Grill

It's important to keep your grill clean, but using a wire grill brush can be more dangerous than helpful.

How to Clean Your Greasy Oven Window

You keep your stovetop sparkling clean. But how about that oven window? We figured out how to clean oven glass...

This Video Explains How to Clean Inside Your Oven Door Glass

Yes, cleaning between the glass panels of an oven door seems impossible, but it can be done. Really!

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The Best Cast Iron Scrubbers, According to Our Test Kitchen

When your cast-iron pans need some heavy-duty cleaning, reach for one of these cast iron scrubbers to remove cooked-on food...

10 Products That Can Clean Your Cast Iron—Fast!

Your cast iron can last for over 100 years—if you treat it right. To help save your skillet, we've rounded...

The Surprising Ways You Never Thought to Clean Cast Iron

Persistent food bits stand no chance against these super effective tricks. Here's how to really clean cast iron.

How to Clean a Blender in 30 Seconds, According to This Viral Video

No need to stick your fingers near those sharp blades!

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How to Clean Your Grill for Perfect Barbecues

It doesn't matter if you prefer gas or charcoal; we'll explain how to clean a grill from top to bottom.

Why You Shouldn’t Wash a Hot Pan in Cold Water

Turn off the cold water! Hot pans need some time before they can take a soapy bath. Here's why.

How to Clean a Dutch Oven the Right Way

Learn how to clean a Dutch oven the right way, so that your favorite pot will last a lifetime!

How to Get the Baked-On Stains off Your Pyrex

Are your Pyrex baking dishes looking a little worse for wear? We'll show you how to clean Pyrex to make...

Here’s How to Get That Gray Residue Off of Your New KitchenAid Bowl

A little residue on your new KitchenAid stand mixer bowl is common—and easy to fix. Here's what you need to...

Want to Know How to Remove Stickers from Appliances? Here’s an Easy Trick!

Have you ever been stymied by a stubborn sticker? Martha Stewart has a secret for how to remove stickers from...

How to Clean and Care for Your Wok

Wondering how to clean a wok? Here's what you need to know to keep your pan in perfect condition.

How to Clean a Roasting Pan

Say goodbye to burnt-on pieces of last week's chicken dinner. We'll walk through how to clean a roasting pan, including...

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How to Revive a Grimy Baking Sheet

Discover the best way to clean baking sheets and get rid of baked-on gunk. Follow these steps to make them...

How to Clean Your Oven Without Harsh Chemicals

Follow these steps to give your oven a good spring-cleaning!

How to Steam-Clean Your Grill Grates

Yes, you can steam-clean grill grates. And it's way safer than using lighter fluid and a wire brush!

This Pantry Item Will Clean Your Grill In a Snap

If you don't have a grill brush on hand, try this!

How To Clean A Burnt Pan with Just Two Ingredients

Say goodbye to burnt pans for good!

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How to Clean an Oven the Easy Way

Have a dirty oven but don't have time for self-clean? We'll tell you how to clean an oven faster with...

9 Things to Know Before You Self-Clean Your Oven

This is exactly how to get rid of spills, gunk and general mess inside your oven.

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The Shocking Reason Why You Need to Deep-Clean Your Instant Pot ASAP

You won't believe what could be growing in your Instant Pot if you don't regularly clean this part...

How to Safely Clean Your Glass Stovetop

Everyone with a glass stovetop faces the dilemma of wanting to clean the surface but not wanting to scratch it....

Here’s How to Get Your Slow Cooker to Clean Itself

Your slow cooker has a talent that goes way beyond making a cozy winter meal: It can clean itself! A...

How to Clean (and Maintain) a Keurig (Because Yours Probably Needs It!)

Get the most out of your single-serve coffee maker—and the best-tasting coffee—by learning how to clean and maintain a Keurig...

8 Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen’s Trickiest Appliances

These effortless tricks will get your kitchen equipment spotless in no time.

The Little-Known Trick to Cleaning Your Oven Without Scrubbing

With this witty life hack, you'll never have to scrub again. Here's how to clean your oven without the elbow...