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    Sloppy Joe Slider Bake

    1 review

    Ground beef is turned up a notch in these party sliders that are sure to please your crowd. I love how easy they are! —Rashanda Cobbins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Devil’s Food Snack Cake

    6 reviews

    My husband and his friends request this devil's food snack cake for camping trips because it’s easy to transport. That...

    Buffalo Chicken Crescent Rolls

    4 reviews

    My husband loves Buffalo wings, but they are so messy! These Buffalo chicken rolls are mess-free and always go fast...

    Kid-Made Cocoa Cupcakes

    I’m only a kid, and this is the first recipe I’ve created. I spent a year perfecting these cupcakes, asking...

    Spicy Honey Sriracha Game Day Dip

    2 reviews

    You can easily whip up this creamy, spicy and salty dip. I love dips for parties in the slow cooker—just...

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    Pressure-Cooker Beef and Veggie Sloppy Joes

    1 review

    Because I’m always looking for ways to serve my family healthy and delicious food, I started experimenting with my go-to...

    Nacho Wings

    1 review

    Since I love both wings and nachos, I combined them for the perfect pairing! This recipe earned an award in...

    Spiced Apple Cider Jelly Shots

    These spiced, spiked gelatin squares are sure to get the party started at fall get-togethers. If you’re going for the...

    Sweet ‘n’ Salty Party Mix

    9 reviews

    These crunchy munchies are sure to rank high with your family and friends. The combination of flavors gets this sweet...

    Game-Day Bourbon-Glazed Caramel Corn

    Here's a grown-up version of a favorite kid’s treat. The bourbon and ginger combination that is so good in cocktails...

    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars

    90 reviews

    My family loves this peanut butter cookie bars recipe—oatmeal, brownie bars, peanuts—it's made from all our favorite things! Oatmeal, peanut...

    Vanilla Wafer Cookies

    34 reviews

    These buttery cookies bake up chewy and crispy at the same time. Sprinkle these vanilla wafers with colored sugar or...

    Hot Apple Cider

    7 reviews

    In this recipe, brown sugar and spices add extra flavor to already delicious apple cider. —Marlys Benning, Wellsburg, Iowa

    Chocolate Peanut Treats

    12 reviews

    When I was in high school, I took these sweet and crunchy squares to bake sales— and they were the...

    Spiced Apple Cake with Caramel Icing

    1 review

    Easy to prepare and popular with my friends and family, this apple cake is one of my all-time favorite autumn...

    Maple-Chestnut Cheesecake

    There are so many delightful flavors that perfectly complement each other in this rich, impressive cheesecake. The hint of cinnamon...

    Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Swirl Cheesecake

    I make a sweet potato souffle that I’ve always thought tastes like a dessert. I finally decided to use that...

    Apple Pie Bundles

    These cute bundles taste like an apple pie but without all of the work—no fork needed! The ingredients in this...

    Three-in-One Popcorn Crunch

    1 review

    Folks with a sweet tooth will dig into these bite-size snacks. Candy corn is a colorful addition, so this mouthwatering...

    Apple Pie Oatmeal Dessert

    3 reviews

    Warm and comforting oatmeal desserts bring back memories of time spent with my family around the kitchen table. I serve...

    Thyme-Baked Apple Slices

    1 review

    My children love this healthy apple side dish along with chicken fingers for lunch. It's also a wonderful alternative to...

    Caramel Corn Treats

    2 reviews

    A funky-fun twist on traditional Rice Krispie squares, these are a cinch to make and will delight the kiddies.—Cathy Tang,...

    Hot Spiced Cherry Cider

    3 reviews

    This slow cooker cider is so nice to sip after being out in the cold. —Marlene Wiczek, Little Falls, Minnesota

    Candy Corn & Peanut Popcorn Balls

    My daughter and I enjoy baking and cooking together, and this recipe is one my daughter can help make and...

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    Apricot-Apple Cider

    2 reviews

    Dried apricots give this comforting cider a marvelous twist. Add cranberries, cinnamon, allspice and cloves for the perfect hot drink...

    Ranch Snack Mix

    32 reviews

    This is a wonderful fast-to-fix munchie. The recipe makes tons and doesn't involve any cooking. It's a cinch to package...

    Black Bean & Pumpkin Chili

    6 reviews

    This is my kind of chili – thick and hearty. Try sweet potato or butternut squash instead of pumpkin, and...

    Cracker Snack Mix

    11 reviews

    Family and friends will munch this fun mix of crackers, nuts and ranch dressing by the handfuls! "Everyone is sure...

    Campfire S’mores Snack Mix

    Two crowd-pleasers, party mix and s’mores, become a sensation when you combine them. No campfire necessary —you can make this...

    Vanilla Caramel Corn

    3 reviews

    This recipe gives a sweet and tasty twist to microwave popcorn. When I first tried it at a party, I...