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    Syrian Green Beans with Fresh Herbs

    This is how my mom always made green beans. She got the recipe from a neighbor when we lived in Turkey. Make a double batch as they make an excellent healthy snack straight from the fridge. Add a thinly sliced onion and red bell pepper if you like. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho

    Air-Fryer Roasted Green Beans

    1 review

    Our family loves roasted green beans, but they can take a long time in the oven. I tried these air-fryer...

    Vegan Green Bean Casserole

    Now everyone can enjoy this classic Thanksgiving side. Just a few small tweaks make this a vegan green bean casserole,...

    Asian-Style Green Beans

    4 reviews

    These Asian-style green beans are a tasty addition to any meal. The flavors of sesame oil and soy sauce work...

    Jalapeno Green Beans

    This simple green bean dish gets a bit of a kick from jalapeno pepper. If you don't like things too...

    Oregano Green Beans with Toasted Pine Nuts

    1 review

    This super easy side dish is a wonderful picnic or potluck recipe. It’s a beautiful, surprising mix that leaves guests...

    Roasted Red Pepper Green Beans

    2 reviews

    This recipe showcases a creamy sauce with shallot-and-chive cheese. The toasted pine nuts add crunch. Just a few ingredients—so easy!...

    Summer Vegetable Soup

    16 reviews

    This vegetable soup is loaded with garden goodness, from zucchini and green beans to celery and potato, but it's the...

    Fresh Green Beans with Mushrooms

    1 review

    I made this satisfying side dish often when I was single. Now I prepare it for my family. By adding...

    Microwave Herbed Green Beans

    Rosemary and basil complement green beans, celery and onion in this savory side dish from Ruth Andrewson of Peck, Idaho....

    Snappy Green Beans

    2 reviews

    The buttery and citrus flavors in this brightly colored side dish go with just about any entree. I enjoy it...

    Green Beans with Thyme

    3 reviews

    Chopped onion, thyme and other seasonings give fresh green beans great flavor.—Doris Dibert, Everett, Pennsylvania

    Garlic Green and Wax Beans

    "Even non-garlic lovers like this fresh-tasting salad," shares Marilou Robinson of Portland, Oregon.

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    Green Bean Casserole

    35 reviews

    This easy green bean casserole has always been one of my favorite dishes. You can make it before any guests...

    Warm Green Bean & Potato Salad

    6 reviews

    The combination of green beans and red potatoes, sometimes known as green beans Pierre, is one of my go-to side...

    Salsa Green Beans

    1 review

    This simple treatment is a wonderful way of dressing up green beans. Maybe the reason I really enjoy this vegetable...

    French Green Beans

    1 review

    Frozen green beans get tasty herb flavor from rosemary and basil while toasted almonds add crunch.

    Basil Green Beans

    1 review

    Basil and lemon-pepper really come through with this speedy way to dress up frozen green beans. "My husband and I...

    Confetti Green Beans

    The vegetables in the green bean side dish make a colorful presentation that's a nice alternative to lettuce. To dress...

    Cheddar Green Beans

    THIS DISH was my grandmother's way of getting us young kids to eat our green vegetables. She was a wonderful...

    Pepper Parmesan Beans

    3 reviews

    A colorful mixture of peppers and green beans gets an Italian treatment with basil and Parmesan cheese in this delightful...

    Garden Green Beans

    3 reviews

    Diane Hixon of Niceville, Florida uses garlic and Italian seasoning to dress up green beans straight from the garden. "This...

    Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

    I FOUND that beans, basil and tomatoes make a very tasty combination of flavors, especially in summer, when all these...

    Tarragon Green Beans

    1 review

    A mixture of celery, onion and green pepper adds a spark to this simple green bean side dish from Ruby...

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    Mixed Beans With Lime Butter

    1 review

    Lois Fetting of Nelson, Wisconsin suggests this simple yet delicious way to showcase beans. "It is best with beans fresh...

    Fancy French Beans

    When she's entertaining, June Mullins of Livonia, Missouri often serves this popular side dish. "Water chestnuts, bean sprouts and almonds...

    Green Beans in Red Pepper Sauce

    2 reviews

    For easy veggies, I make a simple sauce of sweet red peppers, almonds and parsley. We also like this sauce...

    Green Beans and Radish Salad with Tarragon Pesto

    Whichever way my garden grows, I usually build my salad with green beans, radishes and a pesto made with tarragon....

    Spanish String Beans

    1 review

    I always plant green beans in my garden because they're so easy to grow. I found this recipe years ago...

    Seasoned Green Beans

    33 reviews

    I like to add a little extra flavor to my green beans. And this mouthwatering recipe is one of the...