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Microwave Brussels Sprouts

2 reviews

Prepare these dressed-up microwave Brussels sprouts when your conventional oven is filled with the main dish. I think you will agree the cheese topping makes these sprouts special enough to include in a holiday meal. —Gloria Warczak, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Fried Apples and Onions

4 reviews

"I was surprised to see how quickly my friends gobbled this dish up," chuckles Sue Davis, Wausau, Wisconsin. "Excusing myself,...

Citrus Carrots and Sprouts

I love serving brussels sprouts this way. The carrots and orange peel sweeten them up just right, while the hot...

Brussels Sprouts Supreme

A zippy cheese sauce is the perfect accompaniment for the bold flavor of brussels sprouts. Even those who don't care...

Marinated Brussels Sprouts

3 reviews

"This unique relish adds a lively twist to any dinner," assures Marie Hattrup of Sparks, Nevada

Cheddar Tomato Dumplings

1 review

"Simmered in tomato sauce, these fluffy dumplings with cheddar cheese in the dough make a satisfying side dish as well...

Rotkohl (Red Cabbage)

Red cabbage is one of my family's favorite German dishes! It goes well with many meat dishes, especially those served...

Caraway Red Cabbage

"My family just loves this fresh-tasting red cabbage dish," writes Rosemarie Kondrk of Old Bridge, New Jersey. "It's low in...

Basil Brussels Sprouts

4 reviews

Our Test Kitchen created this simple side dish that takes advantage of the microwave, so you can focus on the...

Nutty Brussels Sprouts

2 reviews

Even my son will eat brussels sprouts when I make this side dish. I use pecans, but this English recipe...

Stewed Tomatoes with Dumplings

5 reviews

When I was young and did not feel well, my mother made one of my favorite dishes. Just smelling it...

Pecan Brussels Sprouts

Your family will eagerly eat their vegetables when you serve this dish. Crunchy pecans are a nice contrast to the...

Sweet-and-Sour Red Cabbage

This colorful and yummy side dish goes well with any pork dish. It is perfect for a get-together because it...

German Potato Soup

2 reviews

German potato salad is the inspiration for this recipe. I love the smell of it simmering on a cool winter...

Horseradish Dijon Potatoes

THIS is a great dish for spring and early summer when the chives are first coming up and are young...

Fast Lemony Brussels Sprouts

"The tangy lemon glaze and toasted almonds make this easy vegetable dish popular at my table," explains Trisha Kruse from...

Classic Red Cabbage

1 review

My grandfather was German, so my grandmother prepared many German dishes for him. This is one I like best.

Stuffed Potato Dumplings

2 reviews

"THIS IS A sticky part of the meal to prepare, but these dumplings are so good they're worth the mess!...

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Fancy Brussels Sprouts

This is a simple and tasty way to dress up brussels sprouts for the holidays. The parsley, sugar and crisp...

Lemon-Dilled Brussels Sprouts

1 review

Brussels sprouts get dressed up for the holidays when I make this flavorful dish. Lemon and dill season the buttery...

Brussels Sprouts with Green Peppers

What an easy recipe! Not only does this go well with almost any meal, but the pepper, celery and onion...

Sauerkraut Rye Bread

4 reviews

"Caraway and sauerkraut add deliciously subtle flavor to this hearty bread," informs Mary Kelly of Hopland, California. "The loaf bakes...

Mushroom Omelet

This tasty version of a basic omelet reminds me of my childhood when I'd help my father search for mushrooms...

Potato Stuffing Casserole

13 reviews

I adapted this recipe from a Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook, and it's indicative of the fine German cooking found in this...

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Apples with Red Cabbage

3 reviews

Our family has always loved red cabbage. Not only is it a perfect accompaniment to a favorite roast, it is...

Knoephla Soup

15 reviews

While I was growing up, my mom would make this traditional German soup. It tasted so good on chilly fall...

Lemony Brussels Sprouts

2 reviews

This side dish is a fast and refreshing way to serve little cabbages. The buttery lemon sauce really brings out...

Saucy Brussels Sprouts

2 reviews

Brussels sprouts are extra special dressed up for the holidays in a mild white sauce and dotted with pimientos. Washington...

Rich and Creamy Brussels Sprouts

1 review

Here's a great way to dress up brussels sprouts. Almonds give this rich creamy dish a nutty texture and flavor.—Lucy...

Dumplings with Tomatoes and Zucchini

1 review

Here's a unique and tasty side dish that has dumplings made with absolutely no flour!