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    Ranch Mushrooms

    1 review

    I got this ranch mushrooms recipe from my sister-in-law, and it has become a family favorite. The mushrooms don't last long once people know I've made them. —Jackie McGee, Byron, Minnesota

    Vegan Squash Soup with Naan Croutons

    This butternut squash soup is so full of flavor that you won't miss the meat or dairy! The added can...

    Slow-Cooker Minestrone

    4 reviews

    There's nothing quite like the comfort of warm homemade soup, and it's even better when your slow cooker does most...

    Carrot Ginger Soup

    1 review

    This light, flavorful carrot ginger soup is vegan! It's made with pantry staples and comes together in a hurry, yet...

    Butternut and Chard Pasta Bake

    2 reviews

    This recipe is made for butternut squash lovers, with pureed squash in the sauce and squash pieces in the casserole...

    Pressure-Cooker Vegetable Wild Rice Soup

    This thick and hearty soup is packed with colorful vegetables. It's wonderful for lunch alongside a healthy salad or a...

    Cabbage Barley Soup

    9 reviews

    My neighbor had an abundance of cabbage, so a group of us had a contest to see who could come...

    Spanakopita Spring Rolls

    1 review

    I was inspired to turn original spanakopita into a hand-held hors d'oeuvre. I use egg roll wrappers in place of...

    Creamy Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes

    4 reviews

    "These nicely seasoned potatoes are so fresh-tasting and creamy that there's no need for extra butter or gravy," writes Natalie...

    Asparagus & Corn Quiche

    2 reviews

    My mom loves quiche, so for Mother's Day one year I created my own quiche recipe for her. I've been...

    Butternut-Gouda Pot Stickers

    1 review

    My family can't get enough butternut squash. I had some left over, so I used pot sticker wraps and veggies...

    Tortellini Bake

    6 reviews

    One year I had so much summer squash, I was desperate for different ways to prepare it. That's when I...

    Spicy Couscous & Tomato Soup

    1 review

    This vegetarian soup has a wonderful Middle Eastern flavor. It's low in calories and fat, which makes it great for...

    Freezer Sweet Corn

    16 reviews

    People ask me how to freeze corn on the cob because my frozen corn tastes as good as fresh! This...

    Mashed Potatoes with a Kick

    3 reviews

    A handful of ingredients, a pot and a bowl are all you need to quickly make a great side that...

    Tomato & Garlic Butter Bean Dinner

    4 reviews

    On the days I get home late and just want a warm meal, I stir together tomatoes, garlic and butter...

    Delicious Pumpkin Bread

    77 reviews

    An enticing aroma wafts through my house when this tender cake-like pumpkin bread is in the oven. I bake extra...

    Porcini Mac & Cheese

    5 reviews

    This recipe was inspired by a mushroom mac and cheese I had at a local restaurant. I incorporated the fall...

    Golden Mashed Potatoes

    5 reviews

    When there's no gravy with the meat, this dish is fabulous to serve in place of regular mashed potatoes. I...

    Broccoli-Cheddar Tassies

    3 reviews

    Our family adores broccoli casserole. I wanted to try it as an appetizer, so I used a pecan tassie recipe...

    Hearty Italian White Bean Soup

    7 reviews

    A bowlful of this soup is so satisfying, it's hard to believe it's actually good for you, too. I crave...

    Roasted Vegetable Strata

    5 reviews

    With the abundance of zucchini my family has in the fall, this is the perfect dish to use some of...

    Scalloped Sweet Corn Casserole

    7 reviews

    This is my Grandma Ostendorf's corn recipe I grew up enjoying. Now a grandmother myself, I still serve this comfy,...

    Harvest Squash Casserole

    1 review

    This is a healthy recipe flavored with autumn cranberries and pecans. It goes very well with a roasted turkey and...

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    Mediterranean Pastry Pinwheels

    6 reviews

    These quick appetizers are irresistible. The flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and pesto balance beautifully. —Kristen Heigl, Staten Island, New York

    Spinach-Basil Lasagna

    6 reviews

    In the kitchen, my husband and I like to use classic ingredients in new ways. I came up with this...

    Blue Cheese Bread Pudding

    1 review

    You can play with the flavor of this recipe by changing the type of blue cheese you use—from sharp Stilton...

    Ginger Butternut Squash Bisque

    6 reviews

    This soup is filling enough for my husband, and it’s vegetarian, which I love. The couple who introduced us made...

    Five-Cheese Jumbo Shells

    13 reviews

    Using five cheeses in one dish doesn't usually translate to a dish that's considered light, but this meatless meal is...

    Dilled Mashed Potatoes

    2 reviews

    Round out any meal with these delightful potatoes. Sandi Guettler of Bay City, Michigan adds a bit of cottage cheese...