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Steamed Cranberry Pudding with Hard Sauce

Topped with a rich buttery sauce, this fruity molded pudding was an ideal end to our meal. The traditional dessert brought back memories for many whose mothers and grandmothers prepared similar delicacies.
—David Bostedt, Zephryhills, Florida

Amaretto Custard Berry Parfaits

As if you need a reason to assemble a parfait, this indulgent custard concoction is an attractive way to sweeten...

Berries with Champagne Cream

6 reviews

This recipe came from a cooking class I attended at a local department store. I first served it to my...

Chocolate-Raspberry Creme Brulee

1 review

Just when I thought nothing could beat the specialness of creme brulee, I created this decadent version that stars rich...