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    Sour Candy Cupcakes

    If you love the pucker of sour candies, then these sour candy cupcakes will be right up your alley. The sour dust sprinkled on top gives you an instant pucker when you first take a bite, but the sweetness soon follows. —Elizabeth Bramkamp, Gig Harbor, Washington

    Giant Buckeye Cookie

    12 reviews

    I’m from Ohio, and we love our buckeye candy! Buckeyes are a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate, which...

    Oatmeal Caramel Apple Cookies

    15 reviews

    This recipe for caramel apple cookies is a fun twist on traditional oatmeal raisin. These treats are hard to resist!...

    Kid-Made Cocoa Cupcakes

    I’m only a kid, and this is the first recipe I’ve created. I spent a year perfecting these cupcakes, asking...

    How to Make Candy Apples

    Welcome fall with a simple, classic treat: candy apples.

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Tarts

    1 review

    These tiny tarts will surely become a big part of your recipe collection because they chill while you're enjoying the...

    Gingerbread Caramels

    I created this recipe for two simple reasons: I love caramel, and I love molasses! Combining those ingredients resulted in...

    Ghost Caramel Pears

    1 review

    These double-dipped pear ghosts are so simple it’s scary. Display them on your table for a fun Halloween

    Warm Chocolate-Caramel Apples

    EVERY FALL my husband and I loved picking apples from our two apple trees in our backyard and then developing...

    Magic Pumpkin Buckle

    15 reviews

    Meet the Cook: Probably my family's favorite pumpkin dessert, this is something I've been making since our two daughters were...

    Favorite Dipped Pretzel Rods

    Coated in gooey caramel, then covered with chocolate and peanut butter chips, these decadent dipped pretzels are a delicious way...

    Spooky Cookie Cottage

    3 reviews

    Halloween's at hand, and ghosts have to live someplace. Why not spirit them away to this cute—and delicious—haunted house? —Joanne...

    Flying Bat Cake

    Packaged cake mix and cookies speed along the preparation of this spooky cake. It can make an easy and impressive...

    Flying Broomstick Cats

    1 review

    —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Spiderweb Cookies

    A clever design puts a new spin on standard sugar cookies in this recipe from our Test Kitchen.

    Haunted House

    BOO! Halloween's at hand, and ghosts have to live someplace. Why not spirit them away to this cute—and delicious—haunted house?

    Stained-Glass Lollipops

    We concocted these eye-catching delights, perfect for Halloween. Dangle them with fishing line above your spooktacular table.—Taste of Home Test...

    Tarantula Treats

    We host a Halloween party every year where guests are treated to "terrifying" edible tarantulas. In only a few minutes,...

    Caramel Apple Cupcakes

    21 reviews

    Take these extra special cupcakes to your next event and watch how quickly they disappear! With a caramel topping and...

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

    84 reviews

    I'm one of the cooking project leaders for my daughter's 4-H club, where these soft, delicious cookies were a great...

    Orange Gumdrops

    4 reviews

    I get nothing but rave reviews when I make these gumdrops and usually have to prepare three batches. The refreshing...

    Easy Peanut Butter & Pretzel Pie

    5 reviews

    My crispy, salty pretzel crust just begs for a creamy no-bake peanut butter filling and a layer of chocolate ganache....

    Strawberry Ghosts

    56 reviews

    Kids will gasp in delight at these adorable ghosts. Juicy strawberries, chocolate and a lick of almond flavor make these...

    Sweet Spiced Caramel Apples

    5 reviews

    “I love caramel apples and this is my favorite variation. It also makes a delicious gift for loved ones all...

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    Apple Pizza

    5 reviews

    Pizza is a favorite at our house, so when I had some apples to use up, I started searching for...

    Marshmallow Pops

    10 reviews

    Making these pops is a fun activity for a children's party because any age can participate. Customize them for holidays...

    Spiced Chocolate Truffles

    I make truffles for family events and gift-giving. Someone once asked me to add pumpkin spice, and now my recipe...

    S’mores-Dipped Apples

    6 reviews

    For me, the taste of marshmallow, graham cracker and apple just can't be beat. Others must think the same thing....

    Gourmet Caramel Apples

    1 review

    These drizzled confections look gorgeous and taste over-the-top yummy. With peanut butter flavor and a salty burst, they'll be the...

    Wiggly Pumpkins

    6 reviews

    Pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters form these festive finger snacks. My grandkids love them! —Frances Poste, Wall, South Dakota