Watch Us Make: Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

Your new favorite post-dinner treat has arrived! Follow along to make this sweet and salty strawberry pretzel dessert, which practically begs for second helpings.

By Emily Tyra, Senior Editor

Watch Us Make: Strawberry Pretzel DessertThis sweet and salty strawberry pretzel dessert is our most popular dessert recipe ever.


This refreshingly cool Strawberry Pretzel Dessert from Taste of Home is new to some, and a long-loved family recipe to others. It graces many a holiday table, and in some circles this luscious make-ahead treat is even called a salad. Its loyal following is due to the irresistible combo of pretzel crust, a rich cream cheese layer, and a wiggly, wonderful berry-filled topping. Here’s what the fans are saying:


“That moment when you thought it was a family recipe but everyone knows about it? My life’s a lie!”


“This is a favorite of our family, with one problem. Not sure if it’s a salad we eat with the meal or if it’s really a dessert? Just eat it for both is what we’ve decided.”


“The perfect blend of sweet and salty! I’ve been making this recipe for years and it always gets positive reviews! I was even paid by a co-worker to make this for their daughter-in-law’s family event. And I made this for my brother's rehearsal dinner.”


One forkful of the salty, sweet, creamy, berry layers will get your family and guests talking, too. What are you waiting for?