Watch Us Make: Easy Buttercream Frosting

Channel your inner pastry artist with this quick tutorial on how to make buttercream frosting. A few ingredients are all you need to put the finishing touch on celebration cakes or late-night desserts.

By Ellie Martin Cliffe, Senior Editor

Watch Us Make: Easy Buttercream FrostingThis fluffy frosting recipe really takes the cake—or cupcake!

Let's not kid ourselves: A cupcake without buttercream is really just a muffin. Sure, a tub o' frosting is quick, but with a handful of ingredients, even a first-time baker can whip up a batch. Yep, even you.

Here at the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, we fell hard for the easy buttercream frosting shared by Denver reader Diana Wilson. It's beautifully simple (you probably have everything you need in your kitchen right now: butter, confectioners' sugar, vanilla and milk), plus it fluffs up in a flash.

If you're all vanilla-ed out, we've got you covered. Our test cooks developed six more flavors, so you can choose your favorite, or create your own combo. Chocolate-peppermint, anyone?

Swirl it on cupcakes, sandwich it for whoopie pies, layer it on brownies or (ahem) eat it with a spoon. However you show off your homemade buttercream, you're spreading the love, and that's what baking's all about.