Watch Us Make: Banana Cream Pie

Have a few extra bananas on hand? Use them up to make this all-star Banana Cream Pie.

By Nicole Doster, Digital Associate Editor

Watch Us Make: Banana Cream PieWe've got our eyes on the pies. Banana cream pies, that is. Try out easy homemade recipe today.

There's nothing as refreshingly sweet as a slice of banana cream pie.

Brought to the Taste of Home test kitchen by home cook Bernice Morris, this recipe makes a perfect version of the old-fashioned dessert. Bernice reflects, "This pie was a sensational creamy treat anytime Mom served it."

It's become so popular with our audience today, we think it's due for a comeback.

Like many great recipes, the pie is made up of simple ingredients. A flaky crust. (You can use a pre-made pie crust in a pinch, but its simple to make from scratch—try this recipe for Easy Pie Crust.) A thick, slightly sweet vanilla custard prepped on the stovetop. Freshly sliced bananas layered through for the dessert's signature flavor. For the finishing touch, garnish the pie with whipped cream—and you guessed it—more bananas!

We're nuts about making this dessert for spring and summer celebrations, but any of our deliciously cool desserts will do. Read on for more no-bake pies.