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Sausage Pierogi Skillet Recipe

Sausage Pierogi Skillet Recipe

“I made this simple recipe one night when I hadn’t planned anything for dinner," writes Susan Held from Cooksville, Maryland. "It’s convenient because it uses items I usually have on hand. Plus, there’s hardly any cleanup!”
TOTAL TIME: Prep/Total Time: 30 min. YIELD:5 servings


  • 1 package (16.9 ounces) frozen potato and onion pierogies
  • 1 package (14 ounces) smoked turkey sausage, cut in half lengthwise and sliced into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons butter, divided
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil, divided
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 1 package (14 ounces) coleslaw mix
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 bay leaf


  • 1. Cook pierogies according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large skillet over medium heat,cook sausage in 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon oil; cook and stir for 2 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients; cook and stir for 1-2 minutes longer or until coleslaw is wilted. Remove from the heat; keep warm.
  • 2. In another large skillet, heat remaining butter and oil. Drain pierogies; add to skillet. Cook and stir until browned; add the sausage mixture and toss to coat. Discard bay leaf. Yield: 5 servings.

Nutritional Facts

2 cups: 411 calories, 17g fat (6g saturated fat), 76mg cholesterol, 1379mg sodium, 41g carbohydrate (13g sugars, 5g fiber), 21g protein.

Reviews for Sausage Pierogi Skillet

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killakills123 User ID: 8835362 247265
Reviewed Apr. 19, 2016

"looks good tastes even better"

JoanDaly User ID: 8275880 242619
Reviewed Jan. 26, 2016

"Great tasting and so easy to make! It is a big hit!"

KelliDC User ID: 6458485 88773
Reviewed Mar. 18, 2014

"One of our favorite meals! We use potato/cheese pierogies, and I often don't brown them before adding to the sausage and cabbage mix. My husband loves it with mustard. So easy and so delicious!"

char04 User ID: 2958136 172522
Reviewed Oct. 13, 2013

"Very easy and great tasting."

Suracha User ID: 6914591 100422
Reviewed Oct. 8, 2013

"Very easy, quick, and delicious. Because of the comments, I used 2 cloves of garlic and some dijon mustard (2 tsp?). wonderful."

mabelle2681 User ID: 6954844 209748
Reviewed Jun. 8, 2013

"I've been looking for a new recipe to add to our dinner rotation. I found this one and was excited to try it, as I grew up on pierogies as a side dish. I made this tonight, but used 2 boxes of the mini pierogies and kielbasa sausage as that's what I had on hand. I also used 2 cloves of garlic minced instead of the granulated garlic. It turned out pretty well but it's a little bland, it's missing something. I'm thinking of adding a cider vinegar/brown sugar/dijon sauce that's used in another potato kielbasa skillet that I found on the website as well. It's definitely something I'll make again, and hopefully the added sauce will help."

jbrough1984 User ID: 6603755 100406
Reviewed Feb. 28, 2013

"the sausage had a nice flavor, but we didn't like the pierogies."

queenb69 User ID: 7056797 86336
Reviewed Dec. 26, 2012

"didnt use celery salt! pierogie flavor is your preference butter and oil really not needed may just a lil water to steam veggies and sausage. didnt have a bay leaf either! LOL! :) My kids ate it soo... Im Sold!"

aggiemom7707 User ID: 6881012 156728
Reviewed Oct. 3, 2012

"It was so Delicious. I made ground turkey instead and it was scrumptious!! Very easy to make."

daler123 User ID: 6693033 173819
Reviewed Oct. 3, 2012

"For years I have drained sour kraut and used it instead of cabbage. Also I used polish kielbasa (browned) instead of sausage. Yum."

belenski User ID: 5590255 171776
Reviewed Apr. 26, 2012

"A staple in our house because it's a great throw together dinner. Bonus: it's one of the only ways I can get my family to eat cooked cabbage."

VFlowerPowerV User ID: 6165824 88770
Reviewed Aug. 22, 2011

"I've made this recipe several times and love it. However, I did a few things. Instead of onion I use cheese / potato pierogi. And instead of just regular coleslaw I use broccoli coleslaw. Recipe is easy to make and one I will continue to use."

kitty3111 User ID: 5935085 209747
Reviewed May. 28, 2011

"I thought this recipe had lots of flavor and it was so quick and easy to make! I only had potato and cheese pierogis and I also used broccoli coleslaw mix and smoked turkey sausage. I may have added extra salt and pepper and garlic."

ejt325 User ID: 4790999 86287
Reviewed Jan. 29, 2011

"This was just ok. It was very quick and easy to make. It needs more flavor."

csteve04 User ID: 3413037 176772
Reviewed Oct. 31, 2010

"This was easy, quick & delicious. I subsituted 1/8 tsp celery seed + 1/4 tsp salt for the celery salt because I didn't have any on hand."

123buckle User ID: 5123547 140911
Reviewed May. 13, 2010

"My husband and I love this dish. It is quick and easy to make. I made it twice this week already (per my husband's request)."

bigb8460 User ID: 2199699 88381
Reviewed Jan. 26, 2010

"I have made this dish three times since it came across my email. I love it for leftovers the next day. The flavor tends to blend a bit over night and makes for a great lunch. It is easy and wonderful."

bschult2 User ID: 1991547 172520
Reviewed Nov. 30, 2009

"I used fresh spinach and mushrooms...the dish was fantastic and a meal all in one since I added the veggies!"

bigb8460 User ID: 2199699 176769
Reviewed Nov. 6, 2009

"Excellent dish. After heating up letovers for lunch all my coworkers asked for the recipe.

Definitely will make this one again. Very pleasing to the eye and so quick to prepare after a day at the office."

mrsturko User ID: 3127445 86286
Reviewed Sep. 27, 2009

"Re: Sausage Pierogi skillet.

This a very good recipe, I added 1/2 cup of beef stock and 1/8 of a cup of brown sugar. I wanted to feel some moisture on the pierogi. We thought it was great. will become a weekly favorite, and for parties a great pot luck dish.
[email protected]"

Cat57 User ID: 3768191 173818
Reviewed Sep. 4, 2009

"My husband and I LOVED this recipe! It was so tasty. This will be a 'regular' at our home. Thanks"

anky37 User ID: 2298242 104374
Reviewed Aug. 3, 2009


try spinach. either fresh or frozen should work. just do the same with it as directed for cabbage."

pamelah55 User ID: 1541716 104373
Reviewed Aug. 2, 2009

"This one is a "keeper". My family loved it. Next time I don't think I'll boil the pierogis first - just thaw & saute. This will mean one less pan to clean up. Thanks for the great recipe!"

SARobbins User ID: 3754626 86275
Reviewed Jul. 31, 2009

"What can be subsituted for the coldslaw mix as I am alergic to cabbage?"

salty1 User ID: 2260838 88345
Reviewed Jul. 31, 2009

"Loved this recipe, but tweaked it a bit for our tastes. I use onion powder, instead of onions, I skipped the garlic, and I used pre-cooked Bratwurst. I was also pleasantly surprised how good the slaw turned out in this recipe, I did keep the potato pierogies on the side for ease of handling. I have made this recipe 3 times already, and I love how fast I can pull it together. It's a keeper!

Karen (Coppell, TX)"

barbmb User ID: 3198474 176768
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"Great recipe! Going to make this tomorrow!

Mrs. T's is right up the road!! (Shenandoah, PA)
To need to boil the day before, just defrost. They're fully cooked."

dr.fine User ID: 2709727 156725
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"This sounds pretty good.  I might try this in the fall for a simple, hardy dish.  We make homemade pierogi once or twice a year.  We are not Polish, but grew up eating these for as long as we can both remember.  We make the kraut, the cheese and the plum type.  They are all delish!  My husband loves the cheese ones and can polish off a plateful by himself.  Lucky for me we live by a market that makes 3 different types and stocks them year round.  I have never tried the frozen ones, but we do freeze our own.  It is a lot of work but we enjoy making them and sharing them with family and friends."

NvLadyslipper User ID: 108034 156724
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"Pierogi were a staple in my diet growing up. We had potato, kruat, and cherry or prune filled. Yummy!! The frozen ones I use (potato but the company does make kraut ones but I have never found them) can be boiled nuked or fried. I usually boil them, and the next day (if any are left!)they can be pan fried till golden brown.

There are several brands out there but I prefer the Mrs. T brand. I buy the potato cheddar ones--very good!
Bonnie Dixon"

majacques User ID: 2940004 112114
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"I am full polish and grew up on pierogi(sauerkraut,never tasted the cheese or potato). I loved them. I am really curious what kind others had growing up or made and if they can describe the taste. I have always wanted to fix the frozen ones but never bought them because I didn't know how to fix them(I haven't seen the kraut ones frozen).


resm2007 User ID: 2449656 160818
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"I'd like to try this recipe, especially since my late husband was Polish. However, it has a high sodium content, which I can't take because of health issues. Any suggestions on how to cut down on the sodium? resm2007"

Blkfot38 User ID: 1400979 88220
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"What a wonderful idea for using pierogi - I always just fried them and served as a side dish. I made my own pierogi many years ago but now that they are available in the frozen food section I would not even consider spending a whole day making them from scratch. Thanks for sharing your idea."

dportlu User ID: 263603 104371
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"Good recipe. For those who don't have pierogis you could substitute noodles. I would suggest adding caraway seeds in the skillet, 1/4 tsp.

Great tip to use cole slaw mix rather than cabbage"

tanyafeller User ID: 2405263 140908
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"Susan, I think it is a cool and a unique idea for those of us who know the feeling of working all day and rushing home to a hungry family realizing we didnt take anything out for dinner. and note the word " simple ".. Unique quick ideas are one of the big points of the magazine, website etc... google Pierogi's and make them from scratch if you have the time...I'll take Mrs. T's :-)"

Carollizc User ID: 2124672 86246
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"I have arthritis *and* fibromyalgia. I couldn't, even on a good day, stand long enough to make pierogis from scratch, much though I might want to. Fortunately, there are several brands available here that are really good, and it wouldn't trouble my conscience a bit to use any of them, nor the packaged coleslaw mix. The veggies are still fresh, and the whole meal is ready before my family can say "I'm hungry". It's tasty, filling and economical. Why complain?


patzmerman User ID: 569706 100400
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"You could make homemade pierogies and use them in the recipe. I personally don't take the time to make pierogies from scratch but the frozen ones taste great. This recipe sounds like a winner. Semi-homemade is good for me. :o)"

carlawarla User ID: 2762402 140812
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"You might as well have opened up a box of ready made food here. I thought this recipe might be home-made perogies, not opening up a box and stir-frying it with perpared sausage. What a dissapointment. I won't be making this!"

dorist User ID: 2541664 103723
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2009

"Well I'm gonna have to try it but I'm also thinkin' maybe sauerkraut might be great too."

florinda92986 User ID: 3135809 100393
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2009

"Pierogis are actually polish"

lydilynn User ID: 1462628 86242
Reviewed Sep. 29, 2008

"I have made this dish about 6 times now. We love it!! I use broccoli slaw instead of coleslaw. The first time I was gathering all of the groceries for it the store was out of coleslaw, so I grabbed the broccoli slaw in it's place. Now I get it regardless. We also use cheddar pierogies instead of the onion. Our local store only offers the cheddar. It's delicious!!"

lfelker User ID: 3360465 160816
Reviewed Sep. 9, 2008

"My boyfriend and I loved this dish. It was much more than we had expected just from reading the recipe. Cajun meets Chinese. Delicious!"

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