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Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie Recipe

This fluffy no-bake pie is full of old-fashioned flavor, with only a fraction of the work. Because it uses instant pudding, it's ready in just minutes. —Perlene Hoekema, Lynden, Washington
TOTAL TIME: Prep/Total Time: 10 min. YIELD:8 servings


  • 1 cup cold 2% milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 package (3.4 ounces) instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 carton (12 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed, divided
  • 1 graham cracker crust (9 inches)
  • 2 medium firm bananas, sliced
  • Additional banana slices, optional


  • 1. In a large bowl, whisk milk, vanilla and pudding mix for 2 minutes (mixture will be thick). Fold in 3 cups whipped topping.
  • 2. Pour 1-1/3 cups of pudding mixture into pie crust. Layer with banana slices and remaining pudding mixture. Top with remaining whipped topping. Garnish with additional banana slices if desired. Refrigerate until serving. Yield: 8 servings.

Nutritional Facts

1 piece: 311 calories, 13g fat (9g saturated fat), 2mg cholesterol, 213mg sodium, 43g carbohydrate (29g sugars, 1g fiber), 2g protein.

Reviews for Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie

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shar6024 User ID: 1138668 253883
Reviewed Sep. 9, 2016

"easy to make and quick. I used french vanilla pudding as that is what I had in my cupboard. Turned out great husband loved it"

Simard User ID: 8391147 247327
Reviewed Apr. 21, 2016

"Followed the recipe and the taste was as good as the ingredient. The pie did not stand up and was soupie. Not something I would ever serve to guest. What went wrong?"

redhededkewty User ID: 1340449 247137
Reviewed Apr. 15, 2016

"Whipped topping? Old fashioned? That is junk food, garbage. No thanks. That's it for this subscription."

mom2brownie User ID: 7793443 247092
Reviewed Apr. 14, 2016

"This is very good and easy to make, but I also use banana pudding in place of the vanilla. Gives it a more banana flavor. And I use the extra creamy whipped topping."

toothwarriorprincess User ID: 5187964 232478
Reviewed Sep. 8, 2015

"Very good and very easy to make! I really liked this one!"

AnneitheGarden User ID: 4959716 230030
Reviewed Jul. 22, 2015

"nothing like real old fashioned banana cream pie... real is always better..."

dogwatcher User ID: 7732916 229929
Reviewed Jul. 21, 2015

"quick and easy"

jenoverall214 User ID: 8421671 228213
Reviewed Jun. 19, 2015

"I made this today and it turned out great! Super easy to make and everyone loved it. I will definitely make this again."

montegreen User ID: 7812791 224585
Reviewed Apr. 10, 2015

"I made this last summer and everyone enjoyed it. I will be making it again for dessert on Sunday. Super easy and quick to make."

8568849 User ID: 8208324 221358
Reviewed Feb. 25, 2015

"Sounds great and a much faster way than I usually make. Thanks"

royswife56 User ID: 6884606 218198
Reviewed Jan. 18, 2015

"I am really surprised to find that many of you don't realize that one cup can be by weight (8 oz) or by volume ( one full measuring cup). Not everything that is measured is by weight alone. That is how you can have 3 cups of whipped topping in a 12 oz. container. Spoon it into a one cup measuring cup, level off the top, then scoop it into your recipe. Repeat 2 more times. That equals the 3 cups needed for your recipe! And use a "dry" measuring cup (no pour spout) because there is a big difference between a dry measuring cup & one for liquids."

annsews User ID: 7291598 217526
Reviewed Jan. 11, 2015

"sounds like a very easy & tasty pie. Can you please help me with the cool whip - not sure how much to mix into the pudding, Little confused with the measurements as the cool whip is to be divided, therefore this implies that only part of the cool whip is to be mixed into the van. pudding mixture, and some left for the topping. Also 3 cups is not 12 oz.

Thanks, rating, haven't tried it therefore cannot rate it.

Driddler123 User ID: 8164155 215121
Reviewed Dec. 17, 2014

"Considering HOME MADE pies are made with 5-8 yolks, this is the best alternative. Some people are critical this isn't "home made!" I'll consider a healthier pie vs. heart attack at dessert time."

epines User ID: 8129721 85847
Reviewed Nov. 28, 2014

"This is delicious and was the first dessert to disappear from a huge Thanksgiving table full of sweets. However, I agree with another reviewer - is it 12oz divided or 24 oz which equals 3 cups? I used 3 cups per the instructions for mixing. My only problem is that it was runny and not easy to slice, so my family scooped instead! Delicious flavor. I might try using 12oz next time to see if that helps. Please provide insight on the 3 cups vs. 12oz. Thanks!"

Carol1353 User ID: 7839902 44564
Reviewed Nov. 11, 2014

"This was as good as the old fashioned kind. Will make it again"

DragonSlayersRosebud User ID: 198468 130037
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2014

"Yummy!! It's quick and easy. Instead of the crust suggested, I made a coconut crust from a coconut banana pie recipe from a TASTE OF HOME cookbook for a tropical twist. I would not use "Old-Fashioned" in describing this pie just in honor of my mother and grandmother, They both made beautiful homemade custards for banana and coconut pies. For the most of us working, running about for our family events, making dinner and squeezing in a homemade dessert, this recipe is very good and definitely a keeper for the family, company coming over and a great way to end a hectic day to enjoy dessert and a cup of coffee with those you love! So for the rest of comments "grumpin' ...get over it! It is what it is!"

hollyez User ID: 3350271 113065
Reviewed Aug. 29, 2014

"great pie! easy, quick and inexpensive. This will be one of our go-to desserts when we're craving something sweet. Thank you!"

Johan_hooij User ID: 7959471 130016
Reviewed Aug. 28, 2014

"made this and it was not an easy job due a mistake i made in the calculation of Cups to grams ( because i'm Dutch and not use to work with cups (-: ) but after the correction it was tasty and good looking too. Thanks for this recipe"

peaches191 User ID: 5127545 44502
Reviewed Aug. 22, 2014

"This is so easy! I took the advice of some reviews and used banana pudding. My family loved it but next time I will use vanilla pudding. I thought the banana pudding gave it an "artificial" taste. And I agree with others. Stop criticizing recipes just because they take shortcuts. If you don't want to make the recipe as written, just don't! But some of us have very busy lives and appreciate having a great recipe that is so easy."

kitchenmagician1953 User ID: 6035970 130014
Reviewed Aug. 21, 2014

"This is nothing new, I've been doing "cream" pies this way for over 30 years, mainly because I don't care for the taste of cooked custard. By the way, this is not "old-fashioned, unless of course, you've been using my method, and it certainly isn't anything like this recipe!!!!! I don't think this deserves a rating, but I can't post if I don't, so here's your zero star, in the form of 1 star!"

Ozarkagirl User ID: 5881259 63850
Reviewed Aug. 18, 2014

"This recipe gave me a "Wow, Mom!" yesterday for our Sunday dinner dessert. I made my own crust from graham crackers and certainly didn't mind using instant pudding instead of making homemade, which I have done many times in the past. I even had the whipped cream in thre freezer. Thank you for an easy, delicious banana pie recipe."

miasweets User ID: 7053731 113064
Reviewed Aug. 17, 2014

"Old fashioned should not include instant anything. Making 'from-scratch' cream isn't that difficult and makes an amazing pie. Instant pie/pudding mixes are gastly."

NebrSue User ID: 6083245 130013
Reviewed Aug. 15, 2014

"It appears RamblinRon is confusing volume and weight. I think there are approximately 3.5 cups in a 12 oz. container of CoolWhip. Check the container, it should say how many cups are in it. Looking forward to making this this weekend."

takemyname User ID: 1644859 35770
Reviewed Aug. 15, 2014

"Please answer RamblinRon's question about the amount of whipped topping..."

RamblinRon User ID: 5661120 53561
Reviewed Aug. 15, 2014

"I do not understand this recipe. It came out totally soupy. Ingredients list calls for 12 oz. frozen whipped topping (divided). Step one says fold in three cups of whipped topping. A cup is 8 oz., right? Three cups is 24 oz., right? This recipe wasted $6.00 of ingredients for a bowl of soup."

GiGilovestocook User ID: 7771176 43331
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"TY Taste of Home for sharing this recipe. I've made several Banana Cream Pies but none have been so fluffy and tasteful as this. Not to mention easy to make. I served this at a pot luck and made 2 of them and they were first to disappear. Will make this many more times again."

Gramafk7 User ID: 7173741 44259
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"Made this today, VERY good and easy to make my family loved it. I loved it because I didn't have to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen making it the "traditional" way. That may be the only way to make banana cream pie for some in the middle of August, but not for me, I'm not that much of a purist. Some people just REALLY need to get over themselves as I don't need anyone policing recipe titles and/or ingredients for me. I can read a recipe ALL THE WAY THROUGH (which obviously some cannot - hence the recipe police with the self-righteous attitudes) and decide for myself if I want to attempt it. Perlene please don't let the self-absorbed negative reviewers keep you from submitting further recipes - I for one (and as evidenced by other reviewers) am thankful for your submission(s). Nice job - thank you!"

GKSK User ID: 1642390 105880
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"I haven't made this particular recipe ,but I have made one much like it countless times, and it is always good. Try putting some banana slices on the bottom, drizzling them with a little butterscotch/caramel ice cream topping, and layering with the instant pudding, using 1/2 banana and 1/2 butterscotch flavors. Layer this with banana slices, and top with another drizzle of caramel sauce. In the past I have only used pudding, but the addition of the whipped topping sounds delish. Works good in a plain baked pie pastry too."

murphsandy User ID: 1233162 113063
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"easy and very good. This is a very good recipe for those on the go. As one suggested, use sugar free instant banana pudding (instead of the vanilla) for a boost of flavor."

vsteward80 User ID: 2492914 135486
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

" I would try a Nabisco Nilla Vanilla Wafer Crust instead of a graham cracker crust! I think it would be a great flavor combination with the bananas without any more fuss...if you're in a hurry you can purchase either one already made for you! And yes, please keep sharing your recipes, Perlene! ;)"

ellisvalleyfarm User ID: 5635407 43330
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"That's good BUT if you use the sugar-free banana cream flavored pudding instead of vanilla it tastes TERRIFIC!!! lol!"

surprise-em User ID: 4943787 36492
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014 Edited Aug. 16, 2014

" Please, keep sharing your recipes, Perlene! : ) God bless you!!"

honestabey User ID: 533394 85846
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

"I think the title of this recipe is misleading. Old fashioned to me means "nilla" wafers, cooked custard and real whipped cream. Not a graham cracker in site! However, I can see that after making this, it has a good flavor (depends on the brand of pudding mix)."

SimpleFoods User ID: 7160373 205049
Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

" I have cooked both homemade custards and instant and I find the instant - admittedly, with flavoring added, but you add flavoring to the hand-stirred, cooked glob, too - to have a better flavor."

genocuevas User ID: 7423565 105741
Reviewed Sep. 29, 2013

"Good recipe"

tysgirl User ID: 3326084 44256
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2012


conwaycom2 User ID: 1574718 205048
Reviewed Apr. 2, 2011

"Awesome! My guest LOVED it!"

pissed User ID: 889295 53559
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2010

"quick and easy to make with few ingredients. made this at camp, best one in 4 weeks of dessert"

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