You need quick and easy lunch recipes for school, and healthy lunch recipes for work to make on busy weeks. Don’t miss recipes for lunch at home, too!

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Lobster Bisque

My grandmother would make lobster bisque all the time, so it's always been a comforting recipe to me. If you don't care to cook live lobsters, they can usually cook it where you buy them. Just be sure to tell them to keep the shells; they are key to this delicious soup! —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

Garden Pasta Salad

This salad includes not only garden vegetables but pasta too. It is a great side dish to any meal.—Bernard Bellin,...

Reuben Bread Loaf

1 review

I love serving this special bread loaf because it has the taste of a Reuben!—Armetta Keeney, Carlisle, Iowa

Garlic Green and Wax Beans

"Even non-garlic lovers like this fresh-tasting salad," shares Marilou Robinson of Portland, Oregon.

Orange and Beet Salad

This jewel-colored orange and beet salad is one where I just kept adding touches until I got it just the...

Broccoli Ham Turnovers

1 review

"I enjoy creating special dishes for my family and friends," writes Lupie Molinar from Tucson, Arizona. "Although I don't make...

Broccoli Tortellini Salad

3 reviews

"This tried-and-true salad is simple to toss together and convenient since you make it ahead," reports May Sisk Hazlet, New...

Hot Dogs with the Works

1 review

"What screams summer more than grilled hot dogs?" asks Maria Regakis of Somerville, Massachusetts. She places hot dogs in buns...

Sesame Chicken Couscous Salad

I grow lots of the ingredients needed in this recipe. Fresh-tasting and crunchy, it's a perfect summer salad. Try leaving...

Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Soup

1 review

Healthy chunks of broccoli are paired with the tangy taste of cheddar cheese in this hearty soup from Jean Komlos,...

Broccoli Garbanzo Salad

This is a fun and different side dish. This salad goes well with Mexican and Italian food. It's a nice...

Ginger-Sesame Steamed Vegetable Salad

4 reviews

A homage to my father’s Laotian roots, this warm salad is traditionally prepared with baby bok choy, snow peas, peapod...

Roasted Beet Salad

2 reviews

A subtle citrus dressing beautifully coats tender beets in a lovely warm salad. Goat cheese adds a bit of tang...

Popover with Hot Turkey Salad

I first tasted this tempting hot turkey salad at a club dinner. Now I serve it at home, and there...

Brats in Beer

6 reviews

This marinated bratwurst recipe comes from Jill Hazelton of Hamlet, Indiana. The flavor of the marinade really comes through in...

Chili in a Bread Bowl

1 review

For a simple, speedy recipe, this chili has the rich flavor of one that has simmered a lot longer. Set...

Barley Vegetable Salad

I often serve this salad as an entree on summer nights when it's too hot to eat a heavy meal....

Green Pea Salad

Light sour cream and bottled Ranch salad dressing keep this salad easy to prepare. Bacon and cashews punch up the...

Fast Marinated Vegetables

I was know only as an average cook before I first made this lip-smacking salad!
— Mrs. Earl Anderson,...

Shredded Italian Pork Sandwiches

—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Warm Asparagus Spinach Salad

4 reviews

Spinach, cashews and pasta are mixed with roasted asparagus in this delightful spring salad. The mixture is topped with a...

Caesar Salad with Grilled Steak and Potatoes

2 reviews

We get our grill on for this sizzling steak and potatoes baked in foil. It’s a quick and easy main...

BBQ Hot Dog & Potato Packs

20 reviews

For these nifty foil packs, small hands make quick work of topping potato wedges with a hot dog, onions and...

Mushroom Cheese Stromboli

3 reviews

"I got the recipe for this hearty crowd-pleaser from a friend," reports field editor Patty Kile of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. "We...

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Winning Cream of Leek Soup

3 reviews

I got this recipe from an old family friend, who gave me my first batch of leeks, too! This soup...

Italian Green Beans and Mushrooms

1 review

Enhance your menu anytime using this flavorful recipe. Toasted almonds add crunch to the medley of green beans and mushrooms.

Chicken Wild Rice Salad

2 reviews

“I modified a recipe I received years ago and came up with this versatile salad. It's refreshing served cold on...

Pretty Autumn Soup

7 reviews

Carrots, squash and sweet potato combine to make a healthy and colorful soup, which I especially enjoy during the fall....

Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes

4 reviews

“I make this with fresh green beans from the garden. I could eat it all myself!” —Kathy Smith, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chicken Broccoli Toss

1 review

Lots of color and a nutty crunch give this interesting toss real appeal. The fruit, veggie and chicken medley is...