You need quick and easy lunch recipes for school, and healthy lunch recipes for work to make on busy weeks. Don’t miss recipes for lunch at home, too!

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    Air-Fryer Chicken Taco Pockets

    We love these easy taco-flavored sandwiches made with crescent dough. They make a quick and easy lunch or supper with a bowl of soup or a crisp salad. I also like to cut them into smaller servings for parties. —Donna Gribbins, Shelbyville, Kentucky

    8 Healthy, Easy School Lunch Ideas You Can Make Ahead

    Your weekday just got easier. Use these school lunch ideas as templates for quick and healthy meals that come together...

    50 At-Home Lunches Your Whole Family Will Love

    Whether you and your kiddos are in-person or online this fall, these lunch ideas are sure to satisfy the entire...

    Cheesy Roast Beef Pinwheels

    2 reviews

    Take lunch to the next level with savory Cheesy Roast Beef Pinwheels. Rolled in crescent dough, cut into spirals and...

    Air-Fryer Taco Twists

    Why serve tacos only in ordinary flour or corn tortillas? For a mouthwatering change of pace, try these air-fried tacos...

    These Hot School Lunch Ideas Will Make Your Child’s Day

    Our hot school lunch ideas—like quick soups, hearty pasta dishes and fun finger foods—will make you Parent of the Year.

    Sourdough Bread Bowl Sandwich

    I created this recipe for when my husband and I go to the lake. I don’t like to spend a...

    60 Healthy Lunches for Kids

    Feel good about the items you're adding to your kiddo's lunchbox with these healthy lunches for kids. Along with mains,...

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    25 School Lunch Ideas That Even the Pickiest Eater Will Love

    These meals are portable, light on the veggies and of course—delicious! Scroll through our favorite lunch ideas for picky eaters.

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    A+ Lunch Ideas for Your Kindergartener

    These school lunch ideas for kindergarten will get rave reviews from your 5-year-old. Whether you're packing their lunch for a...

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    31 Grandma-Approved Sides Perfect for a School Lunch

    Old-fashioned things always seem to circle back into popularity, and that's true for food, too! These side dishes are ones...

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    30 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

    Your kids will love these easy and healthy school lunch ideas, which include more than just peanut butter and jelly!

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    35 School Lunch Ideas for Teens

    These easy school lunch ideas for teens will keep them full and focused all afternoon. (Psst: Did you notice we...

    ABC Salad Toss

    1 review

    Getting kids to eat their veggies, fruit and protein is as easy as ABC—that's apples, bananas and cheese. This is...

    Cheesy Pepperoni Buns

    4 reviews

    A pizza version of the sloppy joe, this hot and melty open-faced sandwich is a surefire kid pleaser. Adults love...

    Lunch-Box Chicken Soup

    3 reviews

    A friend gave me this recipe, and I tweaked a few things to make it healthier. It’s so delicious and...

    Ranch Chicken Sliders

    When my grandson was younger, we always joked that nothing could make ranch chicken taste better. Then one day Avery’s...

    Peanut Butter, Apple and Raisin Sandwich

    1 review

    Tart, sweet and crunchy, these open-faced sammies are a perfect after-school (or after-work) snack. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy...

    Peanut Butter, Pickle and Potato Chip Sandwich

    Crunchy, tangy, salty and sweet, this open-faced sandwich hits all your cravings. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

    Peanut Butter, Krispies and Chocolate Sandwich

    This crispy, chocolaty sandwich is like a Saturday-morning cartoon breakfast without the bowl. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

    Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Honey Sandwich

    Who needs jam when you have fresh strawberries? A drizzle of honey and a bit of mint make this sandwich...

    Peanut Butter S’Mores Sandwich

    1 review

    Your favorite s'more flavors come together in this tasty peanut butter sandwich—no campfire required. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy...

    The Elvis Sandwich

    Like the King sang himself, you'll be "all shook up" once you taste this savory-sweet sandwich. —James Schend, Taste of...

    60 Kid-Friendly Picnic Food Ideas

    Hello, summer! It's time to pack up your picnic basket with these kid-friendly recipes and soak up some sun.

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    Apricot Fluff

    15 reviews

    When we were young mothers, I asked my best friend if she had a recipe for an easy ambrosia salad...

    35 Lunch Ideas to Pack For Summer Camp

    Grab your sunscreen and favorite arts and crafts; it's summer camp time! These bag lunch ideas will keep you fueled...

    14 Smart Ideas for Packing a School Lunch

    Pack a school lunch your child will actually eat with these smart ideas. We'll show you how to tailor meals...

    25 Fresh Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

    Do you have a picky kiddo? We've rounded up our best lunch ideas for toddlers. These recipes are fun, quick...

    Peanut Butter, Honey & Pear Open-Faced Sandwiches

    3 reviews

    I work a 12-hour night shift at a hospital, and when I come home in the morning, I don't want...

    Garlic Bread Pizza Sandwiches

    1 review

    I love inventing new ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches for my kids. This version tastes like pizza. Using frozen...