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Lazy Man's Ribs Recipe

Lazy Man's Ribs Recipe

I'll have to admit these ribs are finger-lickin' good and fall-off-the-bone tender! I've made them for a lot of my buddies—including my preacher—and some have even suggested that I try bottling my sauce and selling it to the public! —Allan Stackhouse Jr., Jennings, Louisiana
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 20 min. Cook: 5 hours YIELD:4 servings


  • 2-1/2 pounds pork baby back ribs, cut into eight pieces
  • 2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup orange juice
  • 1/3 cup cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon barbecue sauce
  • 1 teaspoon stone-ground mustard
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke, optional
  • Dash salt
  • 5 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon cold water


  • 1. Rub ribs with Cajun seasoning. Layer ribs and onion in a 5-qt. slow cooker. In a small bowl, combine the ketchup, brown sugar, orange juice, vinegar, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, mustard, paprika, garlic powder, liquid smoke if desired and salt. Pour over ribs. Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours or until meat is tender.
  • 2. Remove ribs and keep warm. Strain cooking juices and skim fat; transfer to a small saucepan. Combine cornstarch and water until smooth; stir into juices. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Serve with ribs. Yield: 4 servings.

Nutritional Facts

2 each: 753 calories, 39g fat (14g saturated fat), 153mg cholesterol, 1335mg sodium, 70g carbohydrate (52g sugars, 2g fiber), 33g protein.

Reviews for Lazy Man's Ribs

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[email protected] User ID: 3864962 241492
Reviewed Jan. 10, 2016

"Excellent flavor!! The whole family loved these."

[email protected] User ID: 1289836 229018
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2015

"Best recipe I've found for crock pot ribs! The sauce is amazing and though it does require up-front work, the dinner hour is easy. We love to use leftover sauce and ribs to make a BBQ pizza. Just use leftover sauce on top of the crust of your choice. Top sauce with monterey jack cheese, corn, red onion, and ribs. Voila; you get two meals out of this delicious recipe!"

mumsay User ID: 7742579 218593
Reviewed Jan. 22, 2015

"The best recipe I've found for ribs. Used smoked paprika. Everything else was followed in the recipe."

Vick0755 User ID: 1397971 94360
Reviewed Aug. 19, 2014

"I did not change anything and the family loved them..... This is a KEEPER."

jetdawg User ID: 3019438 100906
Reviewed Aug. 12, 2014 Edited Jun. 19, 2015

"Just made these ribs, and let me tell you, these were some of the BEST ribs I have ever eaten! The meat fell off the bone, and the sauce was wonderful. I think I will use the sauce for my pulled pork recipe, in the future. I did not use the liquid smoke. This recipe is a keeper, and I will be making it again, and again! YUM"

gucci65 User ID: 7131119 162155
Reviewed Aug. 3, 2014

"I make these ribs all the time. I love how they fall off the bone !!!! I never use liquid smoke. You don't need it !!!!. Delicous recipe and very easy !!!!!!"

ATTR911 User ID: 7045606 94358
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2014


Sage5307 User ID: 6950039 94673
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"I have been making western cut pork ribs in the slow cooker for at least 20 years - but I dont put a rub or sauce on them - I add a can of chicken broth, black pepper, garlic, 2 bay leaves and 2 huge sliced onions and cook on low for about 6 hours. I take out the ribs, and keep the broth to make French Onion soup with later (freeze it). Then I just use a 3 parts Chinese Sweet and Sour sauce with 1 part Olde Cape Cod BBQ & Grilling Sauce (original) and mix it togher - it tastes a lot like Hog Heaven's BBQ sauce. When youre ready to serve, put the ribs with some sauce on them in the oven on a cookie sheet at 450 degrees for about 10-15 minutes."

Papa Bob User ID: 5572790 94357
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"Well, Patrick, I happen to like " fall off the bone tender ribs." Good job. And I must agree with Chefjm about the TBS of bbq sauce."

Uncle Patrick User ID: 1329243 167895
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"I have had this recipe since June of 2008. It was great then, and is still to this day. Fall off the bone not good enough for you? That's why it is called Lazy Man's Ribs."

Chefjm User ID: 6481156 163454
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"Agree with Paniece

What difference could.a tablespoon of barbeque sauce make in a BBQ recipe??? Also why buy a whole bottle for 1 tablespoon might as well use whole bottle instead!!"

ChocolateSushi User ID: 1704863 116885
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"So..... What is the cooking method for these exactly? Nm I finally saw it. Hmm I'd be careful that you don't turn your ribs mushy. Fall off the bone means they are over cooked. I would definitely cook them less in the slow cooker and finish off in the oven to set the sauce."

voegs User ID: 943484 162154
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"This is the most disgusting thing to ever have tasted.Save your money and time.. ."

rebelwithoutaclue User ID: 4288906 162153
Reviewed Jul. 26, 2014

"Well done Alan. If you don't have a smoker this is a good easy method. Remember, proper ribs should NEVER be fall off the bone tender. The perfect rib takes just a small tug to get the meat off the bone. Your sauce is very good."

mygirlprincess User ID: 2362926 116884
Reviewed Feb. 10, 2014

"Just so so. Had to cook ribs an hour longer on high and didn't get the same tenderness as when roasting them in the oven. Used a chipolte rub instead of the cajun. Sauce was tastey."

JGa2595176 User ID: 496732 116881
Reviewed Jan. 28, 2013

"One of my go to meals for company. Fabulous and tasty, and once it's in the crockpot it's a breeze! THANKS for posting!"

TeresaWitt User ID: 4117537 162151
Reviewed Jan. 6, 2013

"So easy and tasty!"

parksville User ID: 1598935 116880
Reviewed Sep. 8, 2012

"We were disappointed in this recipe. Found them too vinegary."

paniece User ID: 4825764 75064
Reviewed Jun. 4, 2012

"Just wanted to make a comment. My BBQ recipe is almost identical to my recipe. Differences are, I don't use the cajun seasoning as we don't care for the taste of it., I dice my onion very fine, In place of molasses, I use 2/3 cup brown sugar. And I don't use the 1 tsp. BBQ sauce, because this recipe IS the BBQ sauce"

wmccallum User ID: 4850304 75063
Reviewed Mar. 31, 2012

"Didn't like flavor"

brlgirl User ID: 5695928 75062
Reviewed Feb. 3, 2012

"Made this with some of the ribs my husband brings home after his hunting trips. They were so very tender (fall off the bone tender) and the sauce is wonderful."

Springscook User ID: 4280266 94314
Reviewed Jan. 23, 2012


jmkasprak User ID: 2880256 94672
Reviewed Jan. 21, 2012

"The sauce was good, not great, but I did like the orange juice in it. I thought there were too many ingredients, and I didn't like the onions at all. I prefer to bake my ribs at 325 for 2 hours, then drain the fat before basting with sauce. I think it's a texture issue for me with the slow cooker."

dilbert098 User ID: 3743376 116877
Reviewed Nov. 27, 2011

"Had a chef tell me to boil ribs and peel the membrane off the back of them before cooking them.. wish I hadn't with this recipe, the meat fell off the bones while I was taking it out of the slow cooker. The sauce is delicious. I won't need another rib recipe EVER! Truly the best, thank you for sharing!"

Katielabonte User ID: 4997099 94313
Reviewed Nov. 4, 2011

"I only have two words to say: SOOO Good!"

HollyLlama1980 User ID: 6170664 162150
Reviewed Oct. 26, 2011

"Super yummy! I didn't have molasses so I subbed maple syrup. Very good. Ribs were literally falling off of the bone. Can't wait to make them again."

emilys1006 User ID: 3681778 116876
Reviewed Jun. 21, 2011

"This sauce is amazing and making ribs in the slow cooker makes them falling off the bone tender!"

chicca1372001 User ID: 6016475 208526
Reviewed Jun. 19, 2011

"Absolutely easy to make and loved it! Will make it again in the future and am planning on making the BBQ sauce separately for other meals. Next time I will allow another hour to cook, as I used pork Shoulder and it was not quite fall off the bone tender, but still delicious."

Barbeezz User ID: 5292075 94356
Reviewed Jan. 9, 2011

"Very, very good, EXCELLENT, my guests asked for recipe. You know when they ask for the recipe, it's good! I used Toni Chachere's Creole season because that's what I had on hand to use and because I'm also lazy, I mixed corn startch whith water and added to BBQ sauce mix and let it cook in the crock pot, the sauce thicken up beautifully! A keeper recipe, Thanks!"

kelticwm User ID: 1095136 208525
Reviewed Jul. 3, 2010

"Delicious, fast, no worry in the crockpot meal. I supstuted pork Shoulder and made pulled pork Sandwaches. yum!"

plumcrazy__Alta User ID: 766527 163453
Reviewed Apr. 8, 2010

"These do look very good and easy, thanks"

williamsegraves User ID: 3296408 162355
Reviewed Apr. 8, 2010

"PS. I didn't have molasses, so I used light corn syrup instead. It worked beautifully with everything else and was absolutely divine!"

williamsegraves User ID: 3296408 147657
Reviewed Apr. 8, 2010

"Wow! These were so tremendously delicious that I will be making them again and again and again!!!!"

hotanse User ID: 3725629 162395
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2010

"these are the easiest ribs to make and the yummiest."

Schots User ID: 802471 75041
Reviewed Sep. 8, 2009

"Sounds like a good recipe, but

not for us way too much

mjmolinari User ID: 1561186 147385
Reviewed Jul. 14, 2009

"I was wondering if these are spicey?


chaser99 User ID: 3236252 67004
Reviewed May. 18, 2009

"[quote user="lindervip"] how can you adapt this recipe if you don't own a slow-cooker or a crock pot?"

Careaga User ID: 2760560 67003
Reviewed Apr. 26, 2009

"I just made this recipe and absolutely loved it. I did substitute guava juice for the orange juice because that is what I had available. The thickened sauce really added a great taste."

denisewellman User ID: 770286 208524
Reviewed Feb. 8, 2009

"My husband refuses to eat anything cooked in a crockpot. UNTIL NOW!!! This is an EXCELLENT recipe. I didn't use the liquid smoke or make the sauce at the end. Didn't need to. It was delicious and my kids loved it too! Finally a recipe that came out good from my crockpot! Thank you!dwellman"

twinkle8o3 User ID: 1013923 116874
Reviewed Jan. 18, 2009

"[quote user="kqholmes"]

I use a 2-3 pound pork loin/pork roast and shredd the meat after cooking @6 hours for a fantastic pulled pork sandwich. But don't use the water & cornstarch.
 I did this and it turned out great!  Thanks! "

kqholmes User ID: 1548065 163451
Reviewed Jun. 18, 2008

"I use a 2-3 pound pork loin/pork roast and shredd the meat after cooking @6 hours for a fantastic pulled pork sandwich. But don't use the water & cornstarch."

lindervip User ID: 1317415 208523
Reviewed Jun. 11, 2008

"how can you adapt this recipe if you don't own a slow-cooker or a crock pot?"

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