Summer Squash Recipes

Need summer squash recipes? Get delicious summer squash recipes including summer squash casserole, yellow squash, crookneck squash and more summer squash recipes.

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Potato and Squash Casserole

2 reviews

—Tommy Haigler, Lexington, North Carolina

Cheesy Squash

8 reviews

I'm a retired police officer and now a deputy sheriff who loves to cook. But with my busy schedule, I...

Veggie Cheese People for Two

Make eating right fun for kids. These edible people let little ones get creative at the table, encouraging them to...

Cucumber & Squash Salad

1 review

I developed this recipe one summer when I had too many summer squash and needed a different, tasty way to...

Summer Squash Bundles

"We love zucchini, and my husband enjoys cooking summer meals on the grill, so I came up with this idea...

Sausage Squash Skillet

1 review

I always thought yellow squash was bland until I prepared it this way. Combined with Italian sausage, it makes a...

Italian Summer Squash Salad

"My mother in Florida shared this recipe with me," says Lois Gelzer of Standish, Maine. "It is very colorful...and it's...

Summer Squash Provencal

To use up the last of your garden's tomatoes and zucchini, try this savory and speedy side dish from Bobbie...

Summer Squash Medley

2 reviews

This fresh tasting colorful side dish would go with any entree and it’s quick and easy to prepare. I came...

Summer Squash Stir-Fry

1 review

"With an abundance of squash, green peppers, tomatoes and onion from our garden, this fresh-tasting recipe is both easy and...

Summer Squash and Tomato Side Dish with Feta

2 reviews

“You can enjoy this dish while the squash is still warm, but it also tastes great cold,” says Rani Long...

Vegetable Ramekins

Says Dona Alsover of Upland, California, “Our children and grandchildren live far away, so my husband, Jim, and I frequently...

Cheesy Summer Squash Casserole

30 reviews

Onion and cheddar cheese perk up the rich flavor of summer squash in this comforting casserole. A crispy cornflake-crumb topping...

Stuffing Squash Casserole

This recipe came about as an experiment. I wanted to make a squash casserole but didn't have crackers, so I...

Roasted Squash

1 review

“I love grilled veggies, but our condo has no grill,” writes Amy Cherwin of Chicago, Illinois. “So I tried this...

Grandma’s Stuffed Yellow Squash

1 review

“My grandma, who raised me, was an awesome cook. This is a recipe she fixed every summer when our garden...

Squash Saute

6 reviews

Wonderful Italian seasonings blend perfectly in this yummy and versatile squash side dish.
—Vicki Schurk, Hamden, Connecticut

Simple Squash and Sausage

2 reviews

"Dinner doesn't get any easier than this stovetop meal for two that I created one night," relates Lela Rauch from...

Savory Summer Squash

3 reviews

I'm always looking for good-tasting recipes that are low in fat and quick to fix, and this fits the bill....

Beef Squash Shish Kabobs

2 reviews

These colorful beef and vegetable kabobs feature a tasty soy sauce marinade from Ronda Karbo of Russell, Minnesota. "You can...

Summer Squash Saute for Two

1 review

“What a yummy and fast way to fix summer squash. You can also grill it.” Christie Wethington - Lexington, Kentucky

Summertime Squash

2 reviews

"Everyone knows the best-tasting vegetables come from a country garden," writes Gwendolyn Lambert of Frisco City, Alabama. She uses her...

Easy Sausage and Vegetable Skillet

4 reviews

This is an old recipe that has been passed down in our family through my sister-in-law. When I was a...

Skillet Squash and Potatoes

1 review

MY NIECE suggested I try cooking squash and potatoes together. I found that potatoes really do enhance the flavor of...

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Steak with Squash Medley

1 review

This recipe for our traditional Sunday night dinner dates back to the 1960s, yet it's still a favorite.

Summer Squash and Bell Pepper Saute with Bacon

YELLOW SQUASH with colorful bell peppers makes an attractive and delicious combination that goes well with many entrees.

Squash Pasta Bake

"I was cooking summer squash for dinner when my grandchildren informed me they'd just had it the night before," writes...

Squash Ribbons

3 reviews

Steamed and well seasoned, these pretty vegetable ribbons will dress up your dinner plate. The strips of yellow summer squash...

Herb Garden Vegetables

1 review

I have a garden and wanted to highlight all the vegetables and herbs I grow. This medley was the perfect...

Yellow Squash Turkey Salad

1 review

With a wonderful mix of flavors, colors and textures, this impressive salad can be made in minutes for lunch with...