Broccoli Recipes

These recipes with broccoli are a no-brainer way to get some greens on the table. Whether you like ’em steamed or roasted, you’ll find these dishes simple and delicious.

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    Vegan Stir-Fry

    Stir-frying is a cooking technique where the ingredients are quickly fried in a small amount of hot oil while being

    Easy Chicken Stir-Fry

    The magic of a dish like chicken stir-fry is simple. It’s versatile, it’s healthy and it can be made with

    Vegan Cashew Cream of Broccoli Soup

    1 review

    To me, Sundays are a time for rest and spending time with your family. In this crazy busy world, I...

    How to Tell If Your Broccoli Is Bad

    Spoiled broccoli doesn't taste good—and it can make you sick. We'll teach you how to tell if broccoli is bad,...

    Sheet-Pan Soy-Ginger Salmon with Veggies

    This salmon and veggie sheet-pan dinner is packed with umami Asian flavors and is so easy to make. It's high...

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    Air-Fryer Broccoli

    I think broccoli was made to be cooked in an air fryer. It gets tender and still has a nice...

    BBLT Chopped Salad

    My original BLT chopped salad recipe called for lettuce. One day I didn't have any, so I substituted spinach. I...

    One-Pot Creamy Vegan Pasta

    2 reviews

    Here’s a creamy vegan pasta recipe with tons of fresh sauteed vegetables. The spicy tomato sauce with sweet sun-dried tomatoes...

    Air-Fryer Bacon-Broccoli Quiche Cups

    Chock-full of veggies and melted cheese, this comforting and colorful egg bake has become a brunch classic. For a tasty...

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    18 Simple Broccoli Recipes to Make Right Now

    With just a few ingredients, these simple broccoli recipes come together in a snap!

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    23 Broccoli Casseroles We Can’t Get Enough Of

    These tasty broccoli casseroles make the most of the cruciferous veg.

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    49 of the Best Broccoli Recipes We’ve Ever Tested

    Neither die-hard fans nor picky eaters will be able to resist these recipes with broccoli, including cheesy breakfasts, crunchy sides...

    Pumpkin Alfredo with Chicken

    5 reviews

    I love pumpkin and my kids love pasta, so this pumpkin Alfredo recipe is a match made in heaven for...

    Broccoli Almond Salad

    This colorful broccoli almond salad is easy to make in advance. Add the nuts and bacon just before serving so...

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    Slow-Cooker Beef and Broccoli

    7 reviews

    I love introducing my kids to all kinds of flavors. This Asian-inspired slow-cooker meal is one of their favorites, so...

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    Air-Fryer Pork Tenderloin Medallions

    1 review

    I needed to use up meat in my fridge, but I didn't want to wait for it to roast. I...

    Our Favorite Recipes that Start with Cream of Broccoli Soup

    A comforting, home-cooked meal is only a soup can away. Comfort meets convenience with these simply delicious meals that all...

    Curried Vegetable Soup

    I created this recipe uniting my favorite spices with frozen vegetables to save time. It's easy to scale to feed...

    30 Healthy Broccoli Recipes

    We all know broccoli is no ordinary veggie! Try these healthy broccoli recipes you can feel good about.

    Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

    Pureed potatoes help give this vegan cream of broccoli soup a silky texture without the cream! This is a fantastic...

    Loaded Broccoli-Cheese Potato Chowder

    11 reviews

    For anyone who loves baked potatoes or broccoli cheese soup, this is the best of both worlds. If you have...

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    Instant Pot Chicken and Broccoli

    5 reviews

    Instant Pot chicken and broccoli is a simple riff on a classic Chinese chicken dish that proves you can savor...

    38 Dinners That Start With Frozen Broccoli

    Grab your bag of frozen broccoli and pull together one of these great recipes. Packed with iron and vitamins, these...

    13 Healthy Chicken and Broccoli Recipes

    In search of healthy dinner ideas that the whole family will love? Look no further than these healthy chicken and...

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    25 Easy Chicken and Broccoli Recipes

    You'll love these comforting and creative chicken and broccoli dishes from our fantastic home chefs!

    Ham and Broccoli Cornbread

    4 reviews

    Leftovers haunt me. Often nobody wants to eat them, and I hate to see them go to waste. A cornbread...

    Broccoli Orzo Bake

    2 reviews

    The addition of orzo pasta makes this bake a sensational alternative to the classic broccoli casserole. There's a fine blend...

    Broccoli May Help Prevent Cancer—But Only If You Prepare It Like This

    Broccoli is already a super nutrient-dense veggie, but new research shows that it may help prevent cancer when prepared in...

    Apple Grape Broccoli Salad

    2 reviews

    I found this recipe in a local newspaper several years ago and reworked it to my family's taste. So far...

    Make-Ahead Broccoli Salad

    My son-in-law is a professional chef, and he shared this original recipe with me last year. The salad is an...