Wild Rice Recipes

Stock up on recipes with wild rice for hearty dinner entrees and side dishes. Whether you’re craving meaty or vegetarian, seasoned or basic, these wild rice recipes will fit the bill.

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Chicken Artichoke Bake

7 reviews

The first time I tasted this creamy casserole at a friend's get-together, I noted how much everyone loved it. All of the party guests went for seconds...and thirds. I can't believe how easy it was to prepare and is perfect on a buffet.—Todd Richards, West Allis, Wisconsin

Wild Rice Mushroom Casserole

3 reviews

“My daughter is a vegetarian, so I'm always looking for meatless dishes she'd enjoy,” says Vicki Schrupp. The Little Falls,...

Wild Rice Pilaf Bake

7 reviews

I make this recipe for almost every holiday and often take it to potlucks. Usually, I make the pilaf ahead...

Southwest Casserole

2 reviews

A rainbow of colors and flavors is found in this festive dish. You won't believe how hearty and delicious this...

Cranberry Chicken and Wild Rice

12 reviews

Tender chicken is baked in a sweet-tart cranberry sauce for this elegant entree. This chicken is delicious, and it’s so...

Wild Rice and Ham Casserole

8 reviews

My grandmother gave me this recipe. The blend of flavors is fantastic. It's so simple to make and can easily...

Wild Rice Chicken Dinner

25 reviews

With chicken, green beans and the nice crunch of water chestnuts and almonds, this casserole has everything you need. Using...

Far North Wild Rice Casserole

I find wild rice a very versatile ingredient to cook with. In this side dish, the rich flavor of this...

Turkey Wild Rice Casserole

This truly is a comforting meal-in-one. Featuring onion, carrot and celery, the wild rice mixture bakes in the same dish...

Spinach Wild Rice Quiche

From Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Leah Zimmerman writes, "I turn to this recipe when entertaining a small group or looking for a...

Black-Eyed Pea Casserole

16 reviews

This group-size dish is quick, simple and tasty. People always ask for "just a little more". I guess you could...

Rice Turkey Casserole

1 review

This creamy casserole is always one of the first to go in a buffet line. When I want to indicate...

Wild Rice Chicken Bake

2 reviews

I developed this recipe when I was low on groceries and in a hurry to get a good hot meal...

Wild Rice Chicken Casserole

2 reviews

My husband of 51 years loves to eat and I love to cook, so we're both happy when I make...

Microwave Sausage and Wild Rice

1 review

This hot dish is convenient because it's made in the microwave. It has nice flavor and looks good, too. Even...

Wild Rice Quiche

5 reviews

Wild rice is very abundant in our state, so that's why I think this dish is appropriate for a regional...

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

1 review

Casseroles are a staple in my house and this is one of my family's favorites. The wild rice mix makes...

Wild Rice Brunch Casserole

1 review

Wild rice is one of our state's prized foods. Paired with our garden specialty—fresh asparagus—this recipe can't miss!

Wild Turkey Rice Bake

2 reviews

Wild rice, turkey and vegetables are combined in a savory sauce and topped with golden crumbs in this hearty dish...

Chicken and Wild Rice Bake

6 reviews

This recipe is a great example of Midwest food! Its ingredients, including the wild rice, can all be found in...

Wild Rice Turkey Dish

"This rich, flavorful main dish has been one of my favorite meals to serve company," relates Clara Sawlaw of Paris,...

Wild Rice Harvest Casserole

2 reviews

Fall is the ideal time to enjoy a big helping of this hearty casserole, packed with wild rice and chicken...

Beef and Wild Rice Casserole

6 reviews

This recipe, one of my husband's childhood favorites, was given to me by his grandmother.—Pamela Petite, Gardnerville, Nevada

Asparagus and Wild Rice Casserole

5 reviews

I learned the fun of cooking as a child. I love to create as I cook— this recipe is a...

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Sausage Wild Rice Quiche

2 reviews

When you're short on time, this long-on-flavor quiche is just right! It's perfect for hectic morning meals because the sausage...

Curried Chicken and Rice

Curry sauce makes this version of chicken and rice stand out from all the others. Your guests will think you...

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Asparagus, Chicken, Wild Rice Casserole

12 reviews

I found this recipe several years ago while looking for something unusual but simple I could prepare for company. I...

Black Bean Rice Bake

1 review

This recipe is a comforting casserole full of flavor. The combination of chicken, rice and beans can't be beat.—Bean Education...

Curry Chicken Casserole

When I've invited a crowd over for the holidays, this is the recipe I reach for. It's a rich, meaty...

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Contest-Winning Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

23 reviews

While this special chicken and wild rice casserole is perfect for a company dinner, it's so good that I often...