Wild Rice Recipes

Stock up on recipes with wild rice for hearty dinner entrees and side dishes. Whether you’re craving meaty or vegetarian, seasoned or basic, these wild rice recipes will fit the bill.

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    Pressure-Cooker Vegetable Wild Rice Soup

    This thick and hearty soup is packed with colorful vegetables. It's wonderful for lunch alongside a healthy salad or a light sandwich. —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey

    Slow-Cooked Vegetable Wild Rice Soup

    3 reviews

    This thick and hearty soup is packed with colorful vegetables. —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey

    Greek Brown and Wild Rice Bowls

    2 reviews

    This fresh rice dish tastes like the Mediterranean in a bowl! It's short on ingredients, but packs in so much...

    Wild Rice Turkey Soup

    16 reviews

    Our family loves this soup on a cold winter night. If you want a less rich soup with fewer calories,...

    Golden Chicken with Rice

    10 reviews

    Chicken and rice has never been so easy, or so delicious! This very tender chicken is served over creamy wild...

    Makeover Fruited Wild Rice Pilaf

    2 reviews

    Her savory rice side dish has become a favorite with family and friends, writes Carolyn Keith from Evanston, Illinois.

    Chicken Artichoke Bake

    7 reviews

    The first time I tasted this creamy casserole at a friend's get-together, I noted how much everyone loved it. All...

    Chicken Wild Rice Chowder

    21 reviews

    This is comfort food at it's finest, and perfect for that cold weather hump-day to help get you through the...

    Fennel Wild Rice Salad

    2 reviews

    This is a salad I invented years ago when my sister's family had to go gluten-free. It has since become...

    Cranberry Wild Rice

    2 reviews

    Nuts are a wonderful source of protein and nutrition so I look for ways to add them to all of...

    Wild Rice, Quinoa & Cranberry Salad

    This fragrant salad is a vitamin and protein powerhouse. Toss in leftover cooked turkey to make it a meal the...

    Wild Rice Crab Salad

    2 reviews

    We have an abundance of wild rice in the northern part of
    Minnesota, and I use it in many...

    Wild Rice and Ham Chowder

    15 reviews

    The rich, comforting taste of this chowder appeals to everyone who tries it. I have my younger sister to thank...

    Wild Rice Pilaf Mix

    We exchange homemade gifts in our family—I give this tasty mix to relatives and friends. It goes well with a...

    Ham, Turkey and Wild Rice Salad

    As a nutritionist, I'm always trying to get my family to enjoy—or at least eat!—foods that are good for them....

    Pheasant Stir-Fry

    2 reviews

    I learned creative ways to prepare game while cooking for hunters at a lodge in Alaska, where my husband was...

    Creamy Wild Rice Soup

    13 reviews

    Whenever I make this soup in the morning, it's gone by evening! Friends and family alike rave about the unbeatable...

    Beef and Wild Rice Casserole

    6 reviews

    This recipe, one of my husband's childhood favorites, was given to me by his grandmother.—Pamela Petite, Gardnerville, Nevada

    Cauliflower and Wild Rice Soup

    1 review

    This recipe is versatile because it makes a fine complement to a main meal, or it can be a meal...

    Sausage Wild Rice Quiche

    2 reviews

    When you're short on time, this long-on-flavor quiche is just right! It's perfect for hectic morning meals because the sausage...

    Simple Wild Rice Soup

    Spending time in the kitchen has never been my hobby. When I got married and started a family, it became...

    Curried Chicken and Rice

    Curry sauce makes this version of chicken and rice stand out from all the others. Your guests will think you...

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    Asparagus, Chicken, Wild Rice Casserole

    12 reviews

    I found this recipe several years ago while looking for something unusual but simple I could prepare for company. I...

    Mushroom Wild Rice Dish

    4 reviews

    With its nutty texture and visual appeal, you’ll turn to this hearty side whenever a rice dish is in order....

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    Wild Rice Jambalaya

    If you're looking for a way to add zip to dinner, I'd recommend this full-flavored jambalaya. Brimming with rice, sausage...

    Wild Rice Turkey Salad

    1 review

    I tasted a wonderful wild rice and chicken salad at a restaurant during a stay at our cabin, so I...

    Wild Rice with Broccoli Soup

    5 reviews

    I love soup and serve it often. My sister gave me this delicious recipe that's surprisingly low in fat. It...

    Turkey Rice Soup

    1 review

    This tasty soup has a surprisingly short simmering time. Leftover turkey has never tasted so good! If you don't have...

    Spinach Wild Rice Quiche

    From Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Leah Zimmerman writes, "I turn to this recipe when entertaining a small group or looking for a...

    Black-Eyed Pea Casserole

    16 reviews

    This group-size dish is quick, simple and tasty. People always ask for "just a little more". I guess you could...