Barley Recipes

Use recipes with barley to mix up your whole grain routine. You can spice things up with with Indian barley recipes for dinner—or start your day with breakfast barley recipes that have mild nutty flavor.

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      Mexican Bean Barley Soup

      1 review

      Wonderfully warming, this soup is always on the menu for the retreats we host on our woodland farm. Everyone enjoys...

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      Chicken Barley Soup

      19 reviews

      No question—this is my favorite barley soup! It's so filling that I serve it as a hearty main dish, and...

      Apple-Cranberry Grains

      1 review

      These delicious slow-cooker grains are perfect. I set my slow cooker to start automatically overnight and a hearty breakfast is...

      Confetti Barley Pilaf

      This pilaf is both colorful and tasty," says Kris Erickson from Everett, Washington. "The slightly chewy texture of the barley,...

      Barley Chicken Chili

      4 reviews

      I was looking for a new recipe for chicken when I discovered a dish I thought my husband might like....

      Lentil Barley Stew

      You can have your comfort food and nutrition, too, when you stir up Sandy Starks' scrumptious stew. "We love this...

      Barley Ham Salad

      A pleasant alternative to pasta salad, this colorful side dish gives barley, cubed ham and a medley of vegetables. "Every...

      Barley Bake

      This is a delicious change of pace from potato casseroles. Slivered almonds give it a nice crunch.—Lamar Lyons Parker, Peoria,...

      Mushroom Barley Soup Mix

      1 review

      Steaming bowls of homemade soup are less than an hour away when you have this lovely layered soup mix on...

      Colorful Bean & Barley with Almonds Salad

      Jazz up any table setting with this tasty combination of colorful veggies, beans and nuts.
      Almond Board of California

      Barley Vegetable Stew

      1 review

      From Waupaca, Wisconsin, Barbara Lane shares the recipe for a hearty barley stew that's sure to take the edge off...

      Lighter Mushroom Barley Soup

      "This soup is a variation on one I found years ago in a health cookbook," says Laura Christensen from Bountiful,...

      Curried Chicken Barley Salad

      3 reviews

      A trip through the potluck line at a 4-H supper introduced me to this luscious cold summer salad. The ingredients...

      Three-Bean Barley Salad

      Kidney beans, black beans and garbanzo beans deliciously combine in this hearty salad.—Pat Miller, North Fork, California

      Tomato Barley Salad

      I like to serve this fuss-free salad alongside barbecued chicken for a hot summer evening dinner on the deck.—Sandi Lange,...

      Barley and Mushrooms

      2 reviews

      I serve this with baked chicken, particularly when we want a change from rice dishes.—Carol Funk, Richard, Saskatchewan

      Barley Zucchini Boats

      1 review

      Barley is delightful paired with garden-fresh zucchini in this flavorful recipe.—National Barley Foods Council, Mary Sullivan, Spokane, Washington

      Pork Chop Barley Bake

      Dress up plain pork chops by preparing this delicious dish.—National Barley Foods Council, Mary Sullivan, Spokane, Washington

      Gingered Ham and Barley Roll-ups

      1 review

      The National Barley Foods Council suggests these roll-ups make a tasty dish for a company-pleasing brunch.—National Barley Foods Council, Mary...

      Curried Lamb and Barley Grain

      Fresh and deliciously different, this main dish can be made ahead and then baked before serving. Crisp cucumber and hints...

      Beans and Barley Chili

      Most folks have heard of barley soup, but this barley chili takes them by surprise. My variation features a delectable...

      Vegetable Barley Soup

      1 review

      People always comment on the wonderful flavor and are often surprised to hear that a tough of mint is added...

      Barley Peasant Soup

      In this recipe, the good-tasting grain simmers in a broth brightened with a cornucopia of vegetables. Try it for a...

      Balsamic Grilled Vegetable and Barley Salad

      Add an unexpected taste to grilled vegetables with a glaze made with balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and some honey and...

      Homemade Lentil Barley Stew

      7 reviews

      “Green chilies and fresh ginger add zip to this thick meatless stew. It can be served as is or with...

      Vegetable Chicken Barley Soup

      1 review

      With chicken, barley and a host of delicious veggies, this is a tasty
      antidote to cold and flu chills....

      Southwestern Beef Barley Stew

      12 reviews

      Hearty and easy to fix, this thick stew has a comforting, chili-like flavor. It's my best barley recipe. I'm sure...