Barley Recipes

Use recipes with barley to mix up your whole grain routine. You can spice things up with with Indian barley recipes for dinner—or start your day with breakfast barley recipes that have mild nutty flavor.

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Barley and Corn Casserole

2 reviews

This hearty colorful casserole goes well with pork, chicken or fish. For convenience, it can be made ahead and refrigerated before serving.—Diane Molberg, Emerald Park, Saskatchewan

Barley Casserole

2 reviews

"Growing up on a farm, I was used to eating good wholesome food, including a variety of barley dishes," informs...

Hearty Barley Bake

3 reviews

Barley is a nice change of pace from the usual pasta or rice in this colorful casserole from Jenny Browning...

Curried Barley Chicken

The sweet taste of orange marmalade tops off this nicely seasoned chicken and barley dish.—National Barley Foods Council, Mary Sullivan,...

Barley Bake

This is a delicious change of pace from potato casseroles. Slivered almonds give it a nice crunch.—Lamar Lyons Parker, Peoria,...

Barley and Mushrooms

2 reviews

I serve this with baked chicken, particularly when we want a change from rice dishes.—Carol Funk, Richard, Saskatchewan

Pork Chop Barley Bake

Dress up plain pork chops by preparing this delicious dish.—National Barley Foods Council, Mary Sullivan, Spokane, Washington

Vegetable Barley Bake

1 review

Forget the potatoes and rice, and consider this change-of-pace dinner accompaniment. Wholesome barley makes for a heart-smart dish that complements...

Onion Barley Casserole

2 reviews

MY HUSBAND and I grew up on plain hearty foods, and we both learned early on that simple food, well...

Apricot Barley Casserole

1 review

It doesn't take long to put together this pretty side dish dotted with dried apricots and golden raisins. Then just...

Mushroom Barley Casserole

6 reviews

A dear friend shared this recipe with me years ago. My family enjoys it with meat dishes as a substitute...

Nutty Barley Bake

13 reviews

When I started bringing this distinctive dish to holiday dinners, a lot of people had never seen barley in anything...