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Looking for walnut recipes? Find delicious walnut recipes including walnut brownies, walnut bars, walnut tart and more walnut recipes.

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Parmesan Walnuts

I love this Parmesan walnuts recipe because it's quick, easy and an alternative to high-calorie croutons. You can also make a double batch and package the walnuts for gifting. — Karen Orvis, Plainville, Connecticut

Spiced Walnuts

I pick my walnuts from a local tree, clean them and crack them myself—this recipe is worthy of my hard-won...

Spicy Curried Nuts

Whenever we are expecting guests, I whip up a batch of these nuts to snack on before dinner. There are...

Nutty Caramel Corn

"Sweet, crunchy and chewy, this irresistible snack never lasts long around our house," writes Lois Davis of Clarkson, New York....

Caramel Nut Crunch

1 review

I discovered this crispy snack recipe on a box of cereal years ago. It's been a Christmas favorite with my...

Maple-Nut Snack Mix

Maple syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness to this crunchy blend. "We take along individual plastic bags of...

Sugar ‘n’ Spice Mixed Nuts

A crunchy, spiced seasoning nicely coats a variety of nuts in this tasty recipe. These nuts disappear whenever I set...

Cinnamon Praline Nuts

1 review

Take these crunchy bites anywhere! Serve them at your holiday party, wrap up a batch for your favorite hostess, or...

Sweet & Spicy Nuts

16 reviews

Hot and spicy with a hint of brown-sugar sweetness, these snacking nuts are simply sensational. You and your guests will...

Crunchy Sugar ‘n’ Spice Nuts

2 reviews

It just isn't Christmas at Lori Brouwer's house until these crunchy munchers are in the oven. "The wonderful aroma of...

Spiced Nut Mix

3 reviews

One Christmas, my good friend gave me this recipe and a sack of ingredients. I think of her every time...

California Fried Walnuts

6 reviews

We grow walnuts for a living, so they go into just about everything at our house. Walnut halves made this...

Crunchy Spiced Nuts

These flavor-packed nuts provide vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. You’ll love ’em! Suzanne Wood - Houston, TX

Almond Coffee Walnuts

Semisweet chocolate adds a luscious touch to the coffee and nuts in these morsels. They go together quickly in the...

Sugar-and-Spice Pecans

Curry combined with sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg fabulously flavors pecans.

Crunchy Vanilla Walnuts

9 reviews

A source of omega-3s and B vitamins, these walnuts are so delicious. —Gabriele Osborn, Rancho Santa Fe, California

Slow-Cooker Spiced Mixed Nuts

12 reviews

What slow cookers do for soups and stews, they’ll do for mixed nuts, too. The scent of spices is delightful,...

Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

This mouthwatering mix is filled with nutrition and flavor. Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors or heading out the door to...

Sugared Curry Walnuts

To head off the hungries, Ann Harris from Fresno, California calls on this change-of-pace treatment of walnuts.

Sugared Citrus Walnuts

These sweet nuts are great at a holiday party or to give as a gift. People just can't stop snacking...

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Candied Walnuts

4 reviews

Turn ordinary walnuts into a taste sensation with this simple candied walnuts recipe that’s prepared on the stovetop. With plenty...

Slow Cooker Candied Nuts

7 reviews

I like giving spiced nuts as holiday gifts. This slow cooker recipe with ginger and cinnamon is so good, you...

Rosemary Walnuts

2 reviews

My Aunt Mary started making this recipe years ago. Each time we visited, she would have a batch ready for...