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Looking for walnut recipes? Find delicious walnut recipes including walnut brownies, walnut bars, walnut tart and more walnut recipes.

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Blue Cheese Walnut Cheesecake

2 reviews

This elegant party spread is smooth and creamy and has a mild blue cheese flavor. It's popular every time I serve it. Garnished with chopped walnuts, it looks like you fussed, but it's not that tricky to prepare.
-Rita Reifenstein, Evans City, Pennsylvania

Walnut & Fig Goat Cheese Log

Here's a simple spread that calls for only a handful of ingredients. The tablespoon of honey is optional, but I...

Orange Nut Bread & Cream Cheese Spread

14 reviews

"This bright sweet bread was my mother's favorite, especially paired with coffee or tea."
Karen Sue Garback-Pristera

Raspberry-Walnut Brie

What could be easier than this sweet-tart and creamy appetizer? Not many options use so few ingredients for such an...

Chicken Liver Pate with Walnuts and Figs

2 reviews

Adults will enjoy the sophisticated flavors in this rich pate. The appetizer is fabulous to serve at a wine tasting...

Apricot-Nut Spread

This nice and tart spread can add extra-special flavor to homemade muffins and biscuits, especially when the baked goodies are...

Walnut Butter Spread

This healthy alternative spread will have you making more of your own homemade spreads in just minutes. It's so simple...

Maple Nut Bagel Spread

8 reviews

You won't believe how easy it is to whip up this creamy, four-ingredient bagel spread. It's also wonderful on toast...

Tomato-Walnut Pesto Spread

3 reviews

Whenever I bring this popular spread to parties, I know I'm going to get recipe requests. The red, green and...

Walnut Date Spread

"Wanting to bring a different kind of sandwich to a meeting, I experimented with various spreads. This fruit and nut...

Walnut Chicken Spread

6 reviews

It's a breeze to stir together this tasty spread, with its mild combination of chicken, crunchy walnuts, onion and celery....