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Apple, Raisin and Walnut Bread

??My rustic bread studded with raisins and walnuts is great for breakfast with a cup of coffee or can even be eaten as a sweet snack. It’s divine with melted butter or spread with apple butter or jam.
—Geneva Garrison, Jacksonville, FL

Toasted Walnut Bread

1 review

Loaded with nutty flavor, this down-home bread is sure to be another hit with your gang. I received the recipe...

Maple Walnut Banana Bread

8 reviews

Loaded with banana flavor and just the right hint of maple, this old-fashioned walnut-topped loaf is easy to prepare and...

Parmesan Walnut Bread

Parmesan cheese and crunchy walnuts flavor this tender golden loaf sent in by Cindy Hudson of Crawfordsville, Indiana. "It's one...

Walnut Wheat Bread

"My husband and I like this wholesome, nutty bread warm from the oven," says Rosadene Herold of Lakeville, Indiana.

Walnut Date Bread

4 reviews

Many years ago when I was sick, a dear friend stopped with a pot of soup and this beautiful bread....

Walnut Bread

1 review

The walnut flavor really comes through in this nicely textured loaf from Ginny Rice of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. "It's delicious, moist...

Walnut Apple Bread

6 reviews

Whenever I make this bread, it’s like being in my Grandma’s kitchen. Swirled with apples, walnuts and cinnamon, it’s one...

Nutty Whole Wheat Bread

1 review

In Lakeville, Indiana, Rosadene Herold's recipe box is quickly gaining in gains. "Moist and nutty, this whole wheat bread has...

Sunflower Oat Bread

2 reviews

This golden bread incorporates grains that my sons, Tim and Jon, wouldn't normally touch.—Kay Krause, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Banana-Chip Nut Bread

Even if you're not following a gluten-free diet, you'll enjoy this delightful bread from our Test Kitchen. The chocolate chips...

Apple Walnut Bread

I first made this bread when I was in high school in 1929. The recipe has stood the test of...

Date-Nut Yeast Bread

1 review

"For breakfast, this bread is delicious toasted, buttered and topped with cinnamon-sugar," writes Roseanne Farulli, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

Nutty Banana Bread

1 review

Even Santa wouldn't guess grated potatoes are the "secret ingredient" that makes this quick bread so delightfully moist.

Nutcracker Bread

This tender loaf has a wonderful sugar and spice flavor. Holiday turkey, ham or velvety cream cheese and jelly sandwiches...

Raisin & Walnut Dark Rye Bread

1 review

Cocoa and molasses give this rye loaf a deep dark brown color and rich flavor. The recipe can be made...

Walnut Cocoa Bread

2 reviews

In her kitchen in Kissimmee, Florida, Margaret Beyersdorf lets her bread machine do the work when making this tender loaf....

Pineapple Loaf

My family loves this bread for snacks or with our meals as dessert. At Christmas, I used mini loaf pans...

Cherry Walnut Yeast Bread

1 review

I created this delicious bread as a way to showcase the tart cherries that grow in abundance here in Door...

Glazed Walnut-Lemon Loaf

Moist and tender, this beautiful loaf looks and tastes like a cross between bread and pound cake. Cooled slices are...

Ribbon Nut Bread

With lemon, walnuts and a center of sweetened cream cheese, this lovely loaf is a tempting holiday treat. I like...

Cranberry-Walnut Toasting Bread

1 review

Looking for a great bread to start your day? My multi-grain is fabulous toasted. It is also good for sandwiches...

Orange Nut Bread

5 reviews

"This bread is delicious for breakfast or with a salad," notes Helen Luksa of Las Vegas, Nevada. "A friend shared...

Nut Swirl Bread

Meet the Cook: The best way that I can describe these is to say they taste like a celebration.

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Walnut-Raisin Bread

1 review

This is one of our favorite light desserts. My wife, Betty, and I especially like the combination of orange juice,...

Coconut Bread

2 reviews

I've received many requests for this recipe. It's easy to make and just a little different from other quick breads...

Walnut-Date Quick Bread

2 reviews

I can remember my Aunt Emma making this bread, and I loved it. This recipe must be 60 or more...

Cranberry Walnut Bread

7 reviews

This family favorite comes from a collection of Amish recipes. I gave the recipe to several friends, and everyone loves...

Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread

8 reviews

Coming from Oregon, a state famous for its cranberries, this bread is a given at our house. Each fall my...

Banana Nut Bread

5 reviews

This quick bread is a family favorite, so I always try to have ripe bananas on hand for this recipe....