Hazelnuts Recipes

Looking for hazelnut recipes? Find delicious hazelnut recipes including hazelnut torte, hazelnut brownies, chocolate hazelnut truffles and more hazelnut recipes.

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    Berries with Ricotta Cream

    Fresh, high-quality ingredients really make a difference in this dessert. If you don't have access to fresh-picked berries, use whatever fruit is in season near you. —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey

    Hazelnut Shortbread

    3 reviews

    We have several acres of hazelnut trees here in the Willamette Valley, where the climate is perfect for this crop....

    Hazelnut Espresso Fingers in Chocolate

    I make these cookies for the school teachers and staff for Christmas and at end of the school year. They...

    French Noisette Cups

    The word “noisette” is French for hazelnut, and these delightful tassie-style treats have a yummy toasted nut flavor in a...

    Hazelnut Toffee Zuccotto

    As a grandmother and great-grandmother, I've always enjoyed cooking and creating recipes. In our home, we love to make Italian...

    Hazelnut-Mocha Bonbon Cookies

    I adapted a cookie recipe from a cookbook I received at my bridal shower. The little glazed balls have been...

    Fudgy Nut Brownies

    1 review

    I've prepared this special recipe for many an open house and potluck dinner. It came from an old roommate, who...

    Apricot Hazelnut Torte

    Husband Gerry and I, married 36 years, love it when our children and grandchildren visit. One cake that gets "oohs"...

    Hazelnut Crinkle Cookies

    3 reviews

    I enjoy trying new recipes and always have willing "taste testers" in my house. After sampling these sugar-dusted goodies, my...

    Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

    5 reviews

    I've given these delectable candies with a nutty surprise inside to teachers and friends. —Debra Pedrazzi, Ayer, Massachusetts

    Chocolate Hazelnut Tassies

    2 reviews

    Your taste buds will be delighted to find these delicious tassies not filled with the standard pecans but with dark...

    No-Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprints

    Years ago, a friend gave me a recipe for chocolate peanut treats that didn't require baking. I thought it...

    Double Chocolate, Orange and Hazelnut Biscotti

    Biscotti are easier to make than you might think, and they’re delicious with breakfast or as a snack. They store...

    Plum & Hazelnut Pie

    My mom taught me about Italian prune plums and pie. Sprinkling the crust with ground hazelnuts gives it a luscious...

    Hazelnut Chiffon Cake

    4 reviews

    The hazelnuts give this cake a surprising crunch. It's covered with a buttery mocha frosting. —Joylyn Trickel

    Hazelnut Crunchers

    1 review

    Ruth Sayles of Pendleton, Oregon reveals, "I often make ice cream sandwiches using these yummy cookies."

    Hazelnut Pecan Pie

    With a blend of chocolate, pecans and hazelnuts, this pie is top-level tasty. But because so it’s easy to make,...

    Hazelnut Pots de Creme

    White chocolate and toasted ground hazelnuts make a heavenly combination in this rich, silky custard. Guests are sure to rave...

    Hazelnut Cheesecake Parfaits

    2 reviews

    —Shelly Platten, Amherst, Wisconsin

    Chocolate-Hazelnut Pinwheels

    8 reviews

    The shortbread-like flavor of this cookie is married with a delicious hazelnut-chocolate filling to make a delightful treat. —Taste of...

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    Rainbow Layered Cookies

    4 reviews

    Balanced beautifully in the sweet spot between cake and cookie, these sensational slices will be the centerpiece of your cookie...

    Lime Hazelnut Zingers

    "The tangy lime and mellow hazelnut flavors are a unique combination that sets these apart from other cutout cookies," writes...

    Hazelnut Crescents

    My mom and I make these delicate cookies every Christmas. Hazel nuts give a little different flavor from the usual...

    Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cups

    1 review

    Three of my favorite foods—chocolate, hazelnuts and puff pastry—come together for an impressive dessert. Dress them up with a drizzle...

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    Banana-Hazelnut Cake

    Special occasions call for outstanding desserts that take a little more time to prepare. I often cake and freeze the...

    Petite Chocolate-Hazelnut Cakes

    Add these sweet treats to a dessert platter featuring other small confections. The cake is moist, tender and extra special...

    Hazelnut Brownie Bombe

    I love making ice cream bombes—they look so elegant yet are incredibly simple to make. —Melissa Millwood, Lyman, South Carolina

    Makeover Ricotta Nut Torte

    3 reviews

    Looking for a special, lightened-up treat? Lots of thin layers and a luscious frosting make this cake a winner that's...

    Hazelnut Cutout Cookies

    My grandmother taught me how to bake this wonderful cookie among other recipes. Now every time I bake these at...

    Hazelnut Shortbread Hearts

    2 reviews

    Toasted hazelnuts add a nice crunch and flavor to these rich, buttery hearts. The drizzle of dark and white chocolate...